Mon. Apr 15th, 2024


A powerful time of worship broke out on Hollywood Boulevard in California—thousands of Christians gathered to worship the Living God!

Powerful Worship In Hollywood Boulevard

Revivalist and leader Ross Johnston took to Instagram to report an incredible worship moment he witnessed on Hollywood Boulevard in California.

“Thousands of Christians showed up to worship Jesus tonight! This was a historic moment for the state of California!!” he wrote.


In the recorded video, everyone who came to worship jumped and shouted in praise with to the Lord.

The Church Is Alive

Ross admitted how this happening made him speechless because he never expected it.

“The church IS NOT dead but surely alive!! California will be saved!” he further exclaimed in the caption. “This is revival, this is the spirit of God who made this happen tonight! All glory to King JESUS!!”

Several people who were also there shared their experiences in the comments.

“I was so blessed to be able to make it. Glory to God! Hollywood belongs to the LORD!” user angelifuerte wrote.

Another by eyes_on_politics commented, “CALIFORNIA IS NOT DONE! Let this be the second wave of revival in California!!! (A la Jesus Revolution) #spiritualbattle.”


California Will Be Saved Movement

Ross, the co-founder of the “California Will Be Saved” movement, is passionate about sharing Jesus with others. To respond to God’s call he left “his 6 figure job at one of the top online businesses in America.” According to his website, he did so in obedience to God “to become a full time missionary in California.”

Further, the recent powerful time of worship where thousands of Christians gathered was part of the “California Will Be Saved” movement. The Christian group initiates these “worship gatherings outdoors in cities of influence across California with live worship, the proclamation of the gospel, and equipping the church.”

They are dedicated to impacting the world outside the four walls of the church through the Presence of God. Above all, they want to see Heaven invade earth! SOURCE