Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
Chess is King Is Life Chess or is Chess Life



How to Beat Down ANY Adversary!


Never be afraid of any adversary regardless of their rank, regardless of their powers and regardless of the risks, never be afraid of ridicule and above all to attack the opponent’s weaknesses, for even JFK thought all was well but all men are equal until crossed, that’s when men are really made .  Take your battles public and let the public cut them down and judge them.

Goals must be orientated correctly to align with Good works and God’s path

1. It isn’t about the money

2. Pursue your passions

3. Don’t be afraid to think big

4. Be ready to take risks

5. Ignore the critics

6. Study hard to beat them at their own game legally, without harm physically, intern makes you 100X more dangerous to use your mind to put someone into a legally perplexing situation. 

7. Enjoy what you do

8. Work harder than then next man

9. Never quit, if defeated, pick up and continue right where you left off, but with a different angle.  Eventually you will break their will and they will fall. The weak have to constantly defend lies you only have to penetrate them once with the truth, then its done! Imagine they must worry for life about their lies, crimes and doings recorded and pinned down, you on the other hand do not!

10 Stop when you are done, never any other time. keep that mindset, all cheaters, liars, and men that lack civility and temperance will eventually lose.  Chess is not the lost pieces but the pinning of one’s opponent through a well planned and executed bait and catch pin stun subdue.  Through bait lead your enemy astray, let their own immoral ways get themselves caught up.  Pin them with the rules of the chess board.  Subdue them in a trap of well planned design. Checkmate is performed easily if you can trick checker players into playing checkers on a chess board. 🙂

11. always play by the rules, a good mind does not need to lie or cheat it can subdue by intellectually pinning its opponent and removing its opponents choices.  If at any point you had to cheat, lie or change the rules then you did NOT WIN. To win you must have good value & mindset  and play by the rules








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