Fri. Jun 7th, 2024
kid tracking elon musk got his twitter account closedkid tracking elon musk got his twitter account closed

Musk Claims ‘Legal Action Is Being Taken’ Against 20 Year Old Behind Jet-Tracking Account

Elon Musk tweeted that “legal action is being taken” against 20-year-old Jack Sweeney, who ran the now-banned Twitter account that tracked Musk’s private jet. Presumably, Musk plans to sue him.

On Wednesday, Twitter nuked the @elonjet account, where Sweeney posted the movements of the Twitter CEO’s private plane from airport to airport using publicly-available flight-tracking data. The platform also banned Sweeney’s personal account.

Since taking over Twitter, the billionaire has pledged to make the platform safe for “free speech.” But Safe DOES NOT INCLUDE PREVENTING MR MUSK FROM ENJOYING HIS FREEDOM TO TRAVEL.

Hours after the suspension, Musk suggested Sweeney had engaged in “doxxing” and claimed in a follow-up tweet that a “stalker” followed a car with his child in it and climbed onto the hood.

He further stated that “legal action is being taken against Sweeney.” Musk also suggested Sweeney “supported harm” to his family.

Musk has made claims involving “stalkers” before. In 2019, his company alleged a Tesla critic “stalked” and struck an employee with his car. Tesla sued the man, but dropped the case after the company refused to release video evidence it claimed it had of the alleged attack:

Randeep Hothi was a fierce Tesla detractor on Twitter. In 2019, the company claimed he “stalked, harassed, and endangered” Tesla employees who were driving and filming a Model 3 on a Bay Area highway ahead of an “autonomy investor day.” Tesla also alleged he trespassed and surveilled the company’s Fremont factory, and that he had struck an employee with his car. The company claimed Hothi “fled the scene.” Tesla sued Hothi, claiming it had surveillance footage of the alleged incident. In order to proceed with its claim, an Alameda County judge ordered Tesla to produce the supposed footage. The carmaker declined and dropped the suit.

Hothi is currently seeking damages from the automaker.