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What is Chat GPT? What is Chat GPT Potential Uses

Chat GPT Potential Use Cases


How Chat GPT Can Solve Real World Problems!

The latest tech product by Elon Musk founded Open AI is Chat GPT and it is nothing short of extraordinary. There hasn’t been a single day I did not use it since its release to the public on 1 Dec. GPT-3 (short for “Generative Pretrained Transformer 3”) is a state-of-the-art language processing model developed by OpenAI. It has a wide range of potential use cases, including natural language generation, translation, summarization, text classification, and more.

Chat GPT is one of its applications that is optimized for human-like conversations. When you give a prompt, the AI will reply like a human would do. You can even train it with your commands and change its tone & style of chatting. No wonder it will help you save a ton of time and effort in researching topics on google. The possibilities are endless.

In this blog, we are going to explore some of the possible use cases of Chat GPT that can solve real-world problems.


Chat GPT Potential Use Cases

  1. Chatbot Development: Generate human-like text, a chatbot powered by GPT-3 could provide more natural and engaging interactions with users.
  2. Content Creation: Generate unique and compelling articles, blog posts, or social media content, saving time and effort for content marketers and writers.
  3. Virtual Assistants & Digital Assistants: Generate responses to user queries, a virtual assistant could provide more accurate and natural-sounding answers to a wider range of questions.
  4. Translation: Translate any length of text into any language that AI is trained on. You don’t need to learn multiple languages to communicate.
  5. Summarization: Summarize a book or a text script or any long piece. Even create different interpretations of the same text.
  6. Question Answering: Ask a question and get the answer. This has applications in many Edtech products. It can even provide an explanation behind the answer.
  7. Social Media Moderation: Detect and flag inappropriate or offensive content on social media automatically.
  8. Sentence Completion & Paraphrasing: Complete or paraphrase sentences of any length. Even decide the tone & style of the paraphrased text.
  9. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text: Convert text to speech or speech to text.
  10. Named Entity Recognition: Automatically identify and classify named entities (people, places, organizations, etc.) in text.
  11. Write Novels, Stories & Scripts: Develop a story or a film script with different scenes, plots, characters, dialogues etc. Creative storytelling with realistic and engaging elements.


This language-processing AI model is so powerful that it will change the whole world. Chat GPT has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and each other. From providing personalized customer service to enhancing language learning, the potential use cases for Chat GPT are numerous and varied. As technology continues to evolve and improve, we can expect to see more and more creative and innovative applications for Chat GPT in the future. It’s an exciting time for this technology, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. What about you?

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12 Ways Chat GPT Will Change U.S. Forever

Even Touching Areas Such as Immigration

On November 30th, 2022 OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research laboratory with a mission of developing friendly AI in a way that benefits humanity as a whole, came out with its cutting-edge Chat GPT chatbox. If Chat CPT lives up to its promise it will cause a tectonic shift in our lives. The appearance of Chat GPT is said to rival Google in its utility and has taken the world by storm attracting over 1 million users in just five days. Chat GPT appears ready to turn things upside down by impacting various occupations such as law, journalism, translations, and social media marketing. It works like Google in that you type a question into a box and hit enter. The chatbox displays the answer, usually in essay format, responding to the question posed. Let’s take a look at how Chat GPT can impact U.S. immigration as an example of what can be expected.

Immigrants might ask Chat GPT to outline what kinds of immigration options they have for immigrating to the United States. Then, they might ask to present the answer in a table format. Then applicants might ask Chat GPT to detail the requirements for a specific work visa and what will need to be included in an application. Chat GPT will respond as requested in real-time.

2. Explaining Legislation

Applicants for immigration benefits will be able to ask Chat GPT to explain immigration legislation in a simplified form. For example, investor immigrants might ask Chat GPT to explain the recent U.S. EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 to better understand what is required of them in this manner. The simplified resulting version will make life much easier for the viewer who is spared the agony of reading the densely worded act and explanations.

3. Specialized Instructions

Immigration applicants will be able to ask Chat GPT to provide them with a specialized instruction guide on how they should prepare their immigrant applications to ensure the most likely approval of their cases. For example, this might include a request for a “Possible Table of Contents for an introduction to the U.S. E-2 work visa.” Chat GPT will type out the table. Then the applicant will be able to study up on the visa by typing in the various subtitles or dig deeper into any particular aspect of the visa, such as the quickest way to get one.

4. Preparing Persuasive Resumes

Chat GPT will be able to help applicants prepare persuasive resumes, for example by listing skills, education, experience, and projects undertaken by gathering the information from online sources or from online letters or text provided in written format to Chat GPT. Users will be able to type in requirements for positions and ask Chat GPT to suggest formats for resumes to match the requirements listed better.

5. Preparing Covering Letters

Chat GPT will be able to help applicants prepare cover letters drafted in a way that will reference their geographic locations, or expertise, or other items matching them up with the purpose of the letters.

6. Doing Business Plans

Chat GPT will be to help investor immigrant applicants prepare business plans for their proposed investment. For example, an immigrant investor proposing to buy a Holiday Inn Hotel in North Carolina will be able to ask Chat GPT to prepare the plan to apply for an E-2 visa for such a hotel using information published about Holiday Inns online.

7. Helping To Learn English

Chat GPT will be able to help applicants prepare for English and other language tests, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) by providing examples of questions previously asked and answered. Indeed, the chatbox will be useful for learning new languages. For example, the chatbox could be asked, “What is the quickest way to learn the conjugations of verbs in Spanish?”

8. Preparing Country Profiles For Asylum Claimants

Chat GPT will be available to asylum claimants to prepare detailed country profile information to strengthen submissions related to their claim of having a well-founded fear of persecution in escaping from their home country.

9. Preparing Histories Of Events

Government adjudicators of immigration applications will be able to use Chat GPT to prepare a complete history of events to verify the truth of answers to application forms and immigration submissions. Similarly, in depositions, attorneys will be able to search out histories of events to test the veracity of their evidence. But Chat GPT will not provide personal information such as location, age, or habits of indiviudals.

10. Finding The Whereabouts Of Places

Chat GPT will help users search to find places and their histories. But it will not be able to locate backgrounds such as of lost relatives who could sponsor users.

11. Legal Research

Chat GPT can search for key precedents, provide model pleadings and outline legal arguments for cases headed to immigration courts or the federal courts.

12. Translations

Chat GPT will be able to translate documents for submission with immigration applications.

Chat GPT is still in beta mode and is offered for free to collect feedback on how to improve it. Its input is only up to date to 2021 and therefore it is not able to answer questions about current affairs or make projections about the future. Eventually, it will be made available commercially. You can try it here. It’s great!

To conclude here is a copy of a question and answer I posed to Chat GPT about this article:

What outline would be best to introduce the benefits of Chat GPT to immigrants?

Here is the actual Chat GPT answer:

Here is an outline that you could use to introduce the benefits of Chat GPT to immigrants:

  1. Introduction: Begin by explaining what Chat GPT is and why it might be useful for immigrants. You could mention that Chat GPT is a language model that can generate human-like text, and that it could potentially be used to assist with tasks such as answering frequently asked questions or generating documents.
  2. Benefits: Next, outline the benefits of using Chat GPT for immigrants. For example, you could mention that Chat GPT could help immigrants save time by automating certain tasks, or that it could help them access information more easily. You could also mention that Chat GPT could potentially help immigrants navigate complex legal processes more effectively.
  3. Examples: Provide some specific examples of how Chat GPT could be used by immigrants. For example, you could mention that it could be used to generate personalized responses to questions about the immigration process, or to generate documents such as visas or green card applications.
  4. Limitations: It’s important to be upfront about the limitations of Chat GPT as well. For example, you could mention that it is not a substitute for legal advice, and that immigrants should always review any documents generated by Chat GPT before submitting them.
  5. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of your introduction to Chat GPT, and encourage immigrants to consider using it as a tool to assist with their immigration needs.

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Chat GPT 3: A Look At The Artificial Intelligence Backed Chat Bot

If you are on Twitter, even as a lurker and not an active user,
it is quite likely you have come across Chat GPT 3. The free research preview of it is out now.

If you are on Twitter, even as a lurker and not an active user, it is quite likely you have come across Chat GPT 3. The free research preview of it is out now. Chat GPT 3 made quite the impression on Twitter, just like the AI art-generating app Midjourney did.

There were talks about how the GPT 3 will replace Google. Chamath Palihapitiya, a venture capitalist who worked at Facebook during its initial days, talked about how the Chat GPT 3 was much better than Google search. However, there are some problems. For starters – Chat GPT 3’s training data ends in the year 2021. As a result, it is completely unaware of anything that will happen in the world after 2021. This means, if we want to search something about the Russia-Ukraine war, then Google will be the go-to destination.

Initial impressions of Chat GPT 3

“As I just learned that OpenAI had access to Twitter database for training. I put that on pause for now,” Musk tweeted, as people posted screenshots of their chat with Chat GPT 3. Chat GPT 3 “was started as open-source and non-profit. Neither are still true,” he added. Marc Andreessen of the venture capital firm Andreessen and Horowitz, has complained about bias in the responses of Chat GPT 3. Some users on Twitter have also complained about its inability to do basic linear algebra.

Chat GPT 3 can do some things that Google can’t. For example, Google can’t write a play. Chat GPT 3 on the other hand can. If you use it to write multiple plays, a pattern can be detected and the plays start becoming monotonous, but when one commands Chat GPT 3 to write a play for the first time, the result can be interesting, if not perfect. One merely has to give it a few prompts and voila, a play is there.

An example of Chat GPT 3’s work

Consider this prompt – “Write a drama on a horror story set in a British University. Characters – Professor James; post graduate student Emily; Undergrad student Mark; Emily’s neighbour William”.

The result of the prompt was this – ”

Professor James sat at his desk, surrounded by piles of papers and old books. He was a well-respected scholar of ancient history at the University of Oxford, and he had been working on his latest research project for months.

As he sorted through his notes, there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” he called out, not looking up from his work.

The door opened, and a young woman named Emily walked in. She was a postgraduate student, and she had been working with Professor James on his research.

“Hello, Professor,” Emily said, taking a seat across from him. “I’ve been going through some of the old documents you gave me, and I think I’ve found something interesting.”

Professor James looked up, intrigued. “What have you found?” he asked.

“It’s a letter from the 18th century,” Emily explained. “It’s written in Latin, and it mentions a mysterious ritual that was performed at the university. It’s supposed to be able to bring the dead back to life.”

Professor James raised an eyebrow. “That sounds like a tall tale,” he said. “But I suppose it’s worth looking into.”

As they discussed the letter, there was another knock at the door. It was an undergraduate student named Mark, who had also been working on the research project.

“Come in, Mark,” Professor James said.

Mark walked in, looking worried. “Professor, I think I saw something strange in the library,” he said. “I was working on some research, and I thought I saw a ghost.”

Professor James and Emily exchanged a skeptical glance. “A ghost?” Professor James said. “That’s quite a claim, Mark.”

But Mark was insistent. “I swear, I saw something. It was a woman, and she looked just like Emily.”

Emily’s face went pale. “What did she look like?” she asked.

“She had long blonde hair, and she was wearing a white dress,” Mark said. “She just appeared out of nowhere, and then vanished.”

Emily’s eyes widened in horror. “That’s my old neighbor, William,” she said. “He died in a car accident a few months ago. I always thought he was a little creepy, and I think he was in love with me.”

Professor James and Mark looked at each other in shock. Could it be that the ghostly woman was really Emily’s old neighbor, William?

As they tried to figure out what to do, they heard a knock at the door. It was Emily’s old neighbor, William, standing there in the flesh.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” William said. “But I was just walking by and thought I saw Emily’s ghost in the window. I had to come and see if she was okay.”

Professor James, Emily, and Mark looked at each other in confusion. If William was alive, then who was the ghost they had seen?

As they tried to piece together the mystery, they realized that the letter from the 18th century had been talking about a real ritual. And somehow, Emily’s old neighbor, William, had stumbled upon it and brought Emily’s ghost back to life.

But as they tried to reverse the ritual and send Emily’s ghost back to the other side, they realized that it was too late. The ghost of Emily was now forever trapped in this world, doomed to haunt the halls of the University of Oxford for all eternity”.

Is Chat GPT3 the only AI-backed chatbot on the market?

Chat GPT 3 is not the only AI-backed chatbot on the market, although it is the only one that is free, which is perhaps why it is grabbing attention. A chat interface backed by AI has been in the market for quite some time, it is called “Replika”. Unlike Chat GPT 3, it has a voice to communicate back with you, and admittedly it is much better than Siri or anything else on the market. Replika is also reportedly used by people as a therapist, because it has a specific mode called therapy mode, where one can basically have a voice conversation with the AI-powered chatbot. Replika costs around £5 per month.

Comparison with Google

Does Chat GPT 3 have access to the amount of data that Google has? Even a Wikipedia page on Google has much more information on a certain topic than Chat GPT 3. Consider typing “Lysenkoism” on Google and Chat GPT 3 and compare the results. When one considers Google Scholar, the result is even more stark.

Google has its own AI-powered chatbot called LaMDA, but Google is not keen to release it to the public anytime soon as it is concerned about the “reputational risk”. If Google’s Chatbot gives a wrong answer, makes an error in response to a prompt, which Chat GPT 3 does, Google’s reputation will be damaged as there are higher expectations from Google. The point Musk made is worth flagging, the data sets Chat GPT 3 got access to, to train itself, were given under the presumption that Chat GPT 3 (Open AI) was not for profit. It is unclear why other Tech giants will give it access to data if it competes with them.


How does Chat GPT work?


There has been a lot of talk about Chat GPT since its launch in November 2022. This ‘smart chat’ has surprised even the most skeptical. In this post we will discuss how it works and how you can use Chat GPT in your projects.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is defined as a generative language model. However in practice it is understood as an artificial intelligence chat that has been trained and designed to hold natural conversations. Chat GPT belongs to the research company OpenAI, founded in San Francisco in 2015 by Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever and Wojciech Zaremba.

What is Chat GPT used for?

But what are the applications of Chat GPT? Some of the applications for which you can use Chat GPT (besides having a good time asking questions) are discussed below:

  • With GPT you can generate coherent and well-written texts in a wide range of styles, topics and languages. In addition, news summaries, product descriptions or stories can be generated.
  • Thanks to this chat, problems can be analyzed and solutions or answers to questions can be generated.
  • GPT can be used to generate appropriate and consistent responses for a chatbot in a wide range of contexts.
  • It can be used to generate attractive posts and messages for social networks.
  • With GPT you can generate reports, e-mails and other content for productivity applications.
  • Thanks to chat GPT, large data sets can be analyzed and valuable information can be extracted from them.

How does Chat GPT work?

As its acronym indicates, Generative Pre-training Transformer, Chat GPT is a generative language model based on the ‘transformer’ architecture. These models are capable of processing large amounts of text and learning to perform natural language processing tasks very effectively. The GPT-3 model, in particular, is 175 billion parameters in size, making it the largest language model ever trained. To work, GPT needs to be “trained” on a large amount of text. For example, the GPT-3 model was trained on a text set that included over 8 million documents and over 10 billion words. From this text, the model learns to perform natural language processing tasks and generate coherent, well-written text. Once the model is well trained, GPT can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, as we have seen in the previous section. Reinforcement learning, based on human feedback, was used for training. Ultimately, by supervised fine tuning. The human AI trainers provided conversations in which they represented both the user and the AI assistant. In addition, the coaches were provided with written suggestions to help them write their proposals. So, they mixed this new dataset with the InstructGPT dataset that was transformed into a dialog format.

But how did they create the reward model for reinforcement learning?
The first thing that was needed was to collect comparison data. This consisted of two or more model responses, ranked by quality. So, in order to collect the data, they took some conversations that the trainers had had with Chat GPT and randomly selected them. In this way they tested various endings for the coaches to rank.

For this reason, these reward models could be adjusted using Proximal Policy Optimization. Also, the trainings were carried out on a Microsoft Azure platform on a supercomputer. In conclusion, to use GPT in a chat, the model is provided with an input in the form of text. This input can be in the form of a question or a context sentence. And, from this input, GPT generates an appropriate and coherent response. In fact, this response can be used in a chatbot or any other application where it is necessary to generate a text from a given input.

What does it mean that Chat GPT is transformer-based?

A “transformation” is a type of data processing that is performed on a sequence of elements, such as words in a sentence or characters in a word. And “transformers” are machine learning models that are specifically designed to process sequences of elements using transformations.

The architecture of the transformers is based on the use of attention, which is a technique that allows the model to pay attention to different parts of the input sequence at different times while processing the sequence. This allows the transformers to process information more effectively and perform natural language processing tasks more accurately. GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) is a generative language model based on the transformer architecture. This means that the model has been designed to process sequences of elements, such as words in a sentence, using transformations and attention. This architecture is very effective for performing natural language processing tasks and has revolutionized the way many NLP tasks are approached.

We chat with Chat GPT How could its creators benefit from Chat GPT?

In 2019 in an interview with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, he said they would keep their promise to investors and task the AI itself with finding ways to generate revenue. At the time the audience took it as a joke, but looking at how the system works, it’s closer than we think. To check it out, we have done the test. Below, you can read Chat GPT’s response: “ATRIA: Can you name 5 ways in which OpenAI can make money through Chat GPT? GPT Chat: Sure, with pleasure. Here are five ways OpenAI could make money through GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer):

Offering paid APIs for access to GPT: OpenAI has developed APIs for some of its more advanced language models, such as GPT-3, that allow companies to use these models in their own applications and services. Enterprises can use these paid APIs to access these models and use them to perform natural language processing tasks in their own applications.
Offering GPT-based application development services: OpenAI can collaborate with companies and organizations to develop applications and services that use GPT and, in return, get paid for these services.
Selling GPT-generated content: OpenAI could sell GPT-generated content to companies or individuals interested in using this type of content for their purposes.
Offering training and consulting in the use of GPT: OpenAI could offer training and consulting to companies and organizations that wish to use GPT in their own projects and applications.
Licensing the use of GPT to other companies: OpenAI could license the use of GPT to other companies for a fee. This could include selling exclusive usage rights or selling non-exclusive usage rights.”
The result is not inconsistent and logical. In our opinion, we are facing a new technology revolution in terms of language models.


Other OpenAI language developments 

Thanks to OpenAI, some of the world’s most advanced and highest performing language models have been developed. Some of OpenAI’s most prominent language models include:

  • It is a generative language model that has been trained on a large number of texts and can generate high quality content on a wide range of tasks.
  • It is an even more advanced generative language model than GPT, with significantly more processing power and performance.
  • It is a natural language processing model that has revolutionized the way many NLP tasks are approached and has set new standards in performance, across a wide range of tasks.
  • It is a text-based image generation model that can generate realistic images from natural language descriptions.
  • It is the largest and most advanced language model that has been developed to date by OpenAI, with even greater processing power and performance than its predecessors.

These are just a few examples of the language models developed by OpenAI. The company has developed many other models and has contributed significantly to the advancement of the AI field through its research and publications. Do you want us to implement an Artificial Intelligence system in your company? Contact us!