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Why is a sigma male so irresistible to women?

Are you a sigma male, or are you trying to work out if you might be one? Perhaps you want to become one so that you get lucky with the ladies! Well, the bad news is, if that’s your goal, then you’re definitely not a sigma male and we will tell you why in just a moment.

The whole thing about sigma males is that their goals aren’t to pick up women, it just so happens that women are drawn to them because of their personality traits. Many women are interested in dating a sigma male because there is a veil of mystery that surrounds him, and mystery is very intriguing to a woman. A man who has a sigma personality is highly sought after by the opposite sex, just as much as the ‘alpha male’ if not more. But why is this? Well, a sigma male is like a closed book, and he becomes a challenge for women to open and understand – so here are the thirteen traits that a sigma male possesses that makes him so irresistible to women:


13 He’s mysterious

As mentioned in the intro, women love a bit of mystery, and the sigma male has that in spades. He is a man of few words yet has a strong and vibrant personality that he will offer glimpses of occasionally before retreating back into his world. The girls go crazy for this, as their curiosity is piqued, and they want to know more about this sexy, mysterious man. What makes him tick, how can they get him – how can they win him over?

12 He’s fiercely independent and self-sufficient

There is nothing that turns a woman off more than a man who reeks of desperation –women can smell that desperation and clinginess a mile off, and it’s an instant mood killer. But this isn’t the case when it comes to a true sigma male.

He will have plenty of friends, male and female – but it’s clear that he needs no one except himself for validation and doesn’t rely on anyone else to empower him. He is genuinely comfortable on his own, and his confidence comes from within. He is the polar opposite of desperate and clingy, and his goals in life do not involve chasing women – so if your main objective is picking up women, then you’re not a sigma male.

He is known for his fierce independence. He is the master of his own destiny and relies on only himself for his happiness and livelihood, and what’s more attractive to a woman than a man who has a strong mind, doesn’t rely on anyone else and who lives life the way HE wants? It’s pretty sexy.

11 He knows what he wants

Considering how independent a sigma male is, it’s no surprise that he has a ton of self-confidence and inner strength, and knows exactly what he wants in life – and this of course gets him a lot of female attention which means he could seduce pretty much any woman he wanted to. Despite this, he’s not the type of man to jump around from one woman to the next, preferring to give his precious energy to a woman who is equally self-sufficient and independent which are qualities in a woman the sigma male finds the most attractive.

10 He’s charming and charismatic

Women love sigma males because they are incredibly charismatic and charming. He doesn’t even need to make an effort to be charming – it’s simply effortless for him and women are drawn to his charm like moths to a flame. Sigma males get along with all different types of people as they are easily able to adapt to different personalities. This in addition to their natural charisma and determination makes sigma males not only successful in business, but successful in romance too.

He’s respectful

Being so charming, it’s no wonder that sigma males are also very polite and respectful of others. He values the independence of others as well as his own, and as a result, he respects the freedoms of his friends and partners. Women love a man who is respectful of their own freedom, and who isn’t clingy and desperate for their attention; so, it’s clear why women love this about the sigma male.

8 He breaks the rules

He might be respectful and charming, but that doesn’t mean he always follows the rules or respects authority! Sigma males don’t intentionally break every rule they can, especially when it comes to breaking the law. But if they don’t agree with certain rules or societal expectations, they have no problem to rebel when they deem necessary. Women love this quality in the sigma male, because his perceived recklessness is a bit of a turn on – after all, what woman doesn’t love a but of a bad boy? And sigma males certainly have that reputation.

He’s curious

A very attractive trait that sigma males possess is their natural curiosity. They are always trying to improve their knowledge and learn new skills; his curiosity always keeping him on his toes, eager for new wisdom, experiences and perspectives. Women love this about the sigma male and find his love for learning incredibly appealing.

He’s smart

As a natural lifelong learner and pursuer of knowledge, the sigma male is smart, and knows how to use his intelligence to his advantage. He’s essentially the introverted version of the alpha male, but because he’s not an alpha he doesn’t need to compete for attention – he gets it naturally because he’s able to use his wit and intelligence to stand out. Not that he even tries to stand out – it just happens naturally because of his obvious intellect, and women can’t get enough of it.

He’s a dominant introvert

As the introverted alpha, the sigma male is still dominant, but he dominates by using his intelligence. He doesn’t try to get everyone’s attention by talking all the time or getting involved in meaningless conversation. He prefers to observe, listen, and spend his energy on self-reflection and introspection which is what gives him the competitive edge over the alpha male.

4 He listens.

As we’ve mentioned, the sigma male isn’t one of incessant chatter, and is as far as you can get from those men who love the sound of their own voice. When in conversation, he actively listens to those around him so he can learn and consider other peoples opinions before giving a carefully measured response. Women love a man who is able to listen, so it’s no surprise that this trait is one that gets sigma males the girls. This is a trait with an added bonus – by taking time to listen and respond, he’s less likely to turn the women off by putting his foot in his mouth and saying something dumb.

3 He’s a humble leader

It’s a well-known fact that love a strong man who demonstrates leadership, and the sigma male most certainly has this skill, especially when you consider how similar he is to the alpha male. The difference being however that the sigma male values his freedom more than being tied into any leadership position. In fact, he doesn’t enjoy being bound to any social structure for too long, so he will take the leadership position if he has to, and he will do it well. He is a powerful leader; his strengths being that he doesn’t feel he has to prove anything to anyone, he treats others fairly, and he avoids unnecessary drama. He remains humble, and never lets power get to his head. And to women, that’s pretty hot.

He is easily adaptable

One of the things women love about the sigma male is how flexible and adaptable he is to pretty much any situation or social group. He can adjust to anything at any time, being able to move in and out of different social groups of interests, beliefs, or different cultures.  He is a social butterfly, not tying himself to any one group for too long but being open minded to forging new relationships with people from all walks of life and learning different perspectives. This adaptability, tolerance and open-mindedness is incredibly attractive to women.

1 They don’t open up to just anyone.

A sigma male is usually accomplished, smart, and successful, but they don’t brag about it on social media or feel the need to big themselves up in front of others. Their passions and achievements are private – they don’t need the ego boost or validation; they don’t feel the need to share their private lives. This is one of the reasons that they come across as secretive and mysterious – and you know who loves a man who embodies modesty and mystery? That’s right, women. It takes a long time to get to know a sigma male, and women will be so intrigued by his genuine mystery and depth of character that they will wait as long as it takes to get him to open up to them. source

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