Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Disney Accused of Pushing ‘We Love Satan’ in Tim Allen’s ‘The Santa Clauses’

Disney and their Many ‘satanic agenda’s’ 

Actor Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clauses” on Disney+ has faced an array of press coverage, with some deriding the series and others supporting it. The latest hoopla centers on a brief reference to Satan.  For those paying attention, the series has been fodder for a steady stream of news coverage and reaction. To begin, the 69-year-old Allen recently sparked headlines after stating the show will address religion and pay homage to the Christian history of Christmas.

That came after a separate controversy over a line his Santa character uttered about saying “Merry Christmas.”

But the latest drama surrounds a quick and fleeting reference to Satan seen in the third episode of “The Santa Clauses.” The central claim by some upset over the inclusion is that Disney pushed a “We love Satan” sentiment in the series. The assertion centers on a scene in which elves are bidding Santa farewell. Each elf holds a letter, with the collective intending to spell the words, “We love you, Santa.” But when some of the elves end up in the wrong formation, the line briefly says, “We love you, Satan.” Santa sees the word and corrects the elves, proclaiming, “Spelling.” They then freak out and fix their formation, delivering the “We love you, Santa” message they intended. Allen’s character, Santa, then gives them a thumbs up. That’s the moment Disney turned even closer to Satan

Fact-checkers believe the outrage is based on an complete understanding of the scene, as some of the critiques appear to ignore both Santa correcting their error and their horror. “In the complete context that is not missing as WE included the VIDEO! This is clearly NOT a joke for anyone much less a FAMILY MOVIE about CHRISTMAS which is ABOUT the birth of JESUS CHRIST!   a tasteless joke that jokes about SATAN in a KIDS MOVIE is PROMOTING the SEED of his NAME in their HEAD” they MOVIE MAKERS are giving an ODE TO SATAN !  Good people teach children good things and don’t joke about bad. Want me to joke about THE NIGHT STALKER at CHRISTMAS DINNER? Evil is Evil it is not to be joked about aint nothing funny