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This Review Opinion of Lawyer Paul Toepel Website & Business Behaviors

the Law Offices of Paul Toepel Attorney –

The Dirty Truth

A story based on actions, set forth our right to our opinion

Paul Toepel Jr. opinion and review of the Paul Toepel the man behind


Paul Toepel is a liar.  He will lie and lie and lie as it suits him.  Paul Toepel is lazy and does not do his work carefully.  Paul Toepel will accuse people of things they never have done.  Paul Toepel has an unfamiliarity with being completely honest or even honesty at all.  Paul Toepel will lie. Paul Toepel will lack truth in the tribunal. Paul Toepel will help his client lie and mislead the courts until it gets out of control due to shit mr. Paul Toepel starts.

Paul Toepel – visit him if you want a great attorney 🙂 lol


Paul Toepel if he gets himself in a bind will manipulate until he cannot manipulate anymore and when he gets in a bind too deep to handle it… he will bail on you as a client, as he did with Marcia.  He will recuse himself and leave you holding not only a smaller money bag but forced to deal with what he allowed you to get yourself into. An Attorney has a duty to the client and also to not aid perjury or commit perjury himslef!. Paul Toepel will leave you at the climax of  your case leaving you forced to find a new lawyer.  Paul Toepel knew he was making the case worse a proceeded without care or caution for his career or his clients well being legally or his clients childs feelings morally and logically.

He knew he was sent via email the video links of his client repeatedly letting HER ADULT SON, a wanted fugitive sex offender, ordered by the courts to move out and stay away from my son, who was 8. yet repeadely over a year let him come over daily. It wasnt even hard to catch, every time a PI was hired, there was new video of mother breaking the judges order which is contempt. Paul helped his client evade the penalties of this contempt which set of a chain of events he couldnt handle!

in my honest opinion Paul Toepel will not be a good lawyer for you if you plan on winning with merit!

“the Dirty Truth” is our opinion we base our opinion on court transcripts, police records, police reports and his spoke words and behaiors.

Paul Toepel might drop you or be forced to recuse himself. You may win at first but if you win by lying and manipulation its not a permanent win, its a temporary win that has consequences that can harm your parental rights. Paul Toepel will leaving you will the possibility of law suits and criminal charges for what he allowed you to do to  you because he forget his role as a sworn officer of the court

When we report that Paul Toepel will LIE… this is based on his prior and current behavior towards the tribunal, Garden Grove PD and opposing client.  When you lie the world should know. win with merit or have your ass handed to you with merit of truth

Paul Toepel is not a morally sound individual in our opinion based on his actoins and lies,
he has mislead authority, judges and openly lied!

Thanks for pissing of a SIGMA with an IQ of 168 you arrogant liar! Enjoy the truthful account of you,PAUL!

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all references, thoughts, words and ideas are opinions not facts.  but the lies from Pauls mouth thtat is fact! thanks for taking the time to get to the bottom of the page “the Dirty Truth” is our opinion we base our opinion on court transcripts, police records, police reports and his spoke words and behaiors.