Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


Quotes for Those Strong and of Good Nature

Accept Yourself

God accepts us unconditionally, and in his view we are all precious and priceless. So instead of chasing after other people’s approval, we need to accept who we are.

Love Yourself

We are to love ourselves in the same way God loves us. In this section Warren quotes (or misquotes) Isaiah 54:10 which clearly has nothing to do with loving ourselves.

Be True To Yourself

Discover, accept and enjoy our unique “shape” (which refers to Warren’s S.H.A.P.E. assessment) and be content with our weaknesses.

Forgive Yourself

God doesn’t expect perfection but He does insist on honesty, so we need to admit our errors and ask forgiveness. We need to forgive others in the selfless way God forgives us.

Believe in Yourself

Begin to affirm the truths about ourselves – that God has created us with talents, abilities, personality and background in a way that makes us each unique.