Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

The SkySurfer Personal Aircraft – Fly Yourself Around

The SkySurfer Aircraft

USA Qualified eVTOL UltraLight Aircraft

Hunter Kowald is the hoverboard aircraft developer — and he touts his aircraft ‘The Skysurfer’ as the worlds smallest and most powerful hovercraft. The SkySurfer Aircraft has a total flight time of 20 minutes and starts at around $85k

Kowald is the founder of Manned Aviation, an aerospace company that is commercializing an all- electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The SkySurfer Aircraft is a personal fight vehicle capable of achieving manned airlift in a system so small, it can be folded down and carried onto a passenger plane.
Here are the specs for this unique new flying craft, taken from the SkySurfer website:

SkySurfer Specs

  • No Altitude Limit

  • 30 Minutes Flight Time

  • 65+ MPH Speeds

  • Custom carbon fiber structure has been tested with a 1.5x safety factor and loaded with 750lbs.

Introducing the world’s smallest personal aircraft, a compact electric vehicle which fits in your luggage & provides anyone with safe freedom of movement within the sky.













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They’re working around the clock to increase manufacturing & distribution of The SkySurfer Aircraft around the world.

visit their site to get one of y0ur own and have fun, be safe and always drive/fly sober!