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The Benefits Of Having A Present Father Figure

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled in the rolling hills, there lived a little boy named Tommy. Tommy was a bright and cheerful child, always full of energy and curiosity. He had the best father in the world, Mr. Johnson, who loved him dearly and doted on him with affection.

Mr. Johnson was a hardworking man who adored spending time with his son. They would go on long walks in the park, build treehouses, and share bedtime stories. Mr. Johnson taught Tommy how to ride a bike, tie his shoelaces, and even how to bake cookies. They were inseparable, and their bond was unbreakable.

However, Tommy’s mother, Mrs. Johnson, was a mean and bitter woman who did not appreciate the close relationship between her husband and their son. She was jealous of the affection Tommy received from his father and would often deprive him of spending time with Mr. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson would make excuses, create conflicts, and even forbid Tommy from seeing his father.

Despite Mrs. Johnson’s wicked ways, Mr. Johnson never gave up on his son. He fought tirelessly to spend time with Tommy, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. He tried to reason with his wife, sought help from friends and family, and even sought legal counsel, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, Mr. Johnson came up with a brilliant plan. He decided to surprise Tommy with a secret camping trip in the nearby mountains. He packed their camping gear, loaded up the car, and whisked Tommy away in the middle of the night. Tommy was overjoyed and couldn’t contain his excitement.

For a week, Mr. Johnson and Tommy camped under the stars, hiked through the wilderness, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire. They laughed, played games, and bonded like never before. Tommy was in awe of his father’s love and care, and he cherished every moment they spent together.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Johnson was frantic with worry and anger, realizing that her son and husband were missing. She searched high and low, but she couldn’t find them. She was consumed with regret for driving a wedge between Tommy and his father.

After a week, Mr. Johnson and Tommy returned home, hand-in-hand, with smiles on their faces and hearts full of joy. Mrs. Johnson was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw them. She realized the depth of her mistake and how much Tommy needed his father in his life.

From that day on, Mrs. Johnson had a change of heart. She apologized to Tommy and Mr. Johnson, and she vowed to support their relationship wholeheartedly. Mr. Johnson forgave her, and the family reunited with a newfound bond.

Tommy grew up into a fine young man, filled with love and respect for both his parents. He cherished the memories of the camping trip with his father and the lessons he learned about the importance of family. Mr. Johnson continued to be the best father in the world, and Mrs. Johnson became a loving and caring mother.

As the years went by, Mr. Johnson’s unwavering love and determination to be there for his son paid off. Tommy grew up to be a successful and happy individual, with a strong relationship with both his parents. The family lived happily ever after, with love and joy filling their hearts, all thanks to the unwavering love and dedication of a father who never quit on his son. by GPT

The Benefits Of Having A Present Father Figure

Paul Aglialoro, former Behavioral Consultant of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders, worked for nearly 12 years in the field. Here he shares how positive father figures can impact the lives of children.

1. What emotional benefits can a child gain from having a father figure?
Children with present father figures benefit by having a wider range of emotional expression modeled for them as they grow and face new experiences. With this wider range of expressiveness, a child will in turn be more able to recognize and express their own emotions all through their lives.

2. What impact does a father figure have on a child’s academic abilities?
To say that having a father present would positively impact a child’s academics would be to say that single mothers aren’t able to handle those same academics themselves. This isn’t true, but in my experiences with my own children I have learned that there are subjects that my wife tackles with the children, and other subjects that I help with. So by having a father figure in their lives, my children’s academic abilities are stronger, and their school experiences are better than if they only had one parent.

3. Does having a father figure impact a child’s social behaviors?
One of the most important functions of both parents is to prepare our children for the social world. Boys learn to be men by watching and emulating their fathers, they learn gender stereotypical roles and norms. Although they may eventually determine to act against those stereotypes in the future, knowing them and following them in early adolescents is vital in developing healthy social interactions and friendships.

4. Are children without father figures more likely to experience depression or anxiety?
There is a myriad of studies all of which indicate that girls with absentee fathers have a far higher prevalence of depression later in life. Although the correlation data is clear, the actual process by which this depression is developed is less clear. There is far less research, and therefore knowledge, about the role of the absentee father in boys’ mental health. This is most likely due to depression and anxiety not being as
readily diagnosed in boys as in girls.

5. What can a father figure provide that a mother cannot?
There is nothing a man can do or teach their child that a mother cannot do or teach. However, a mother isn’t able to model male emotional expressiveness, machismo or ‘guy code’ for their sons. Mothers also cannot demonstrate to their daughters the type of love they get from their dad. Girls develop a sense for the ‘ideal’ mate from their fathers, we are their first loves and their first heroes. Not to say mothers aren’t heroes in their own way, but girls see dad as their Prince Charming. Girls also pick up their more masculine traits and mannerisms from their fathers.

6. How does an involved father figure positively impact a father-son bond?
The father-son bond is an important first step in a child’s social growth, it can influence their friendships, their work ethics, their romantic involvements and so many more aspects of the boy’s life. Having a present and involved father allows a boy to be involved in social, academic, scouting and athletic activities. This involvement keeps a boy busy and well-rounded, which in turn helps the boy stay out of trouble. Additionally, the emotional benefits from a present father are innumerable to a young boy, and directly impact their emotional and behavioral stability throughout their lives.

7. How does an involved father figure positively impact a father-daughter relationship?
The father-daughter bond is one of the most important emotional bonds a girl will make. Girls, like boys, will cycle back and forth between loving mom and pushing dad away, then loving dad and pushing mom away. Without a present father, she will be left pushing away from her mother with no one to attach to during that time. This bond also sets the daughter’s ideal for future partners, in play, school and eventually in love. Girls, more than boys, develop their sense of self-worth and self-esteem based in a large part on the attention and love they perceive from their fathers. With a present and attentive father, girls tend to have better self-esteem and therefore stronger emotional health in all aspects of the development.

-Paul Aglialoro is also husband to Jennifer Aglialoro, Child Forensic Interviewer and Trauma Therapist for the Children’s Advocacy Center/NEPA. The two are parents to three wonderful children. They have been devoting their time and effort at the CAC for years, providing personal and professional support to children who have been abused and neglected. source


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