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Why Are Sigma Males So Confident its Intimidating?

Introduction to the ever so stoic and confident they are often interpreted as intimidating by others

What is a sigma male? (Sigma male definition)

A sigma male is a man within the socio sexual hierarchy who chooses to live his life outside of the normal social dominance hierarchy structures of society. Sigma males share many traits in common with the alpha archetype, though their tendency to walk outside of the lines of traditional social dominance hierarchies sets them apart and makes them different.  One thing is sure: A sigma male is not going to sit in an office cubicle and take orders from a boss! Career wise, sigma males like to be their own authority. They are entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, innovators, creative, or among the top positions in a company. They realize that other people are needed to achieve some goals. Lookup any reference online to Sigma Male Characteristics and you’ll consistently read about how intimidating the Sigma Male can be. That may very well be true but, it’s not because of anything that man is consciously doing. It’s simply because that’s the way we are. So, when people ask the question, “Why are Sigma Males intimidating,” they’re usually asking, “Why do I feel so intimidated?” These people are simply not accustomed to a man who knows who and what he is and where he’s going in life.

‘Sigma Male’ archetype in modern socio sexual hierarchy for all intents and purposes,it describes a man who goes his own way—living as a lone wolf.  

To most people, sigma males are something of an enigma. They are the lone wolves of this world who don’t quite fit in to any of the boxes we traditionally break society down into. Instead, these free spirited and independent men walk their own path in life, and reject social obligations or expectations. In contrast to alphas and betas, sigmas are known for their choice to live outside of the social dominance hierarchy, something that can be hard for others to wrap their heads around. As a consequence of their rare and elusive nature, sigma males have a tendency to confuse, and at times intimidate others. The reasons behind this phenomenon, and whether or not it is at all justified is what we are going to explore here.

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Why are Sigma Males Intimidating

Review of Sigma Males Main Characteristics

Before we can delve into any intimidation discussion, I think that we first need to describe the more common characteristics of a typical Sigma Male…

  1. Sigma Males are Introverts. This must not be construed as some sort of a negative aspect. Sigmas are generally introverts because they realize that much of what is being discussed around them tends to be intellectual nonsense. Sigmas know that they have better things to do with their time than participate in social ‘OneUpManShip’.
  2. Sigma Males are Self-Reliant. Sigmas refuse to be beholden to anyone. They rely on their own ingenuity to solve problems as they arise and don’t wait for an external someone to come along and save them. Because of this self-reliance and their insistence on finding the answer for themselves, Sigma Males are often thought not to be team players. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
    Sigma Males simply want to solve problems… not talk about them endlessly.
  3. Sigma Males are Lone Wolves. This characteristic is probably the number one reason that Sigmas are considered so intimidating. Sigmas have no problem with alone time. They prefer the quiet and peace of being able to contemplate their lives without distraction. Since most people think that quiet time equals boredom, the reality that there are people out around them who detest the common room-filling, pointless noise of everyday life confuses and threatens them.

There are, of course, many more characteristics of Sigma Males that explain what Sigma Males are all about, but, that is beyond the scope of this article. For more information about these characteristics, check-out “What is a Sigma Male.”

Intimidator or Planner?

The Sigma Male is a notorious planner. While others are trying to be the loudest in the room, the Sigma is quietly planning his next five moves. Hr will sit quietly in the conference room as others speak louder and louder and try to posture everyone into thinking that they know best. Sigmas are silently contemplating the issue on the table and working-out how to fix it.

Since the Sigma Male doesn’t try and take part in the discussion, everyone begins to think that “This guy thinks he’s better than us. That’s why he isn’t saying anything.”

Not true. The Sigma is simply calculating the steps needed to address the problem and sees endless posturing as a waste of hi time.

A Sigma Male simply cannot suffer fools.

They are extremely confident.

While alpha males are known for their extroverted confidence they make sure that everyone around them knows sigma males are often just as confident, but introvertedly. At first sight, they might not appear as the most confident people in the room.

This is because a sigma male does not need to display his dominance to feel better about himself. His self esteem does not come from social media, other people’s opinions, or approval. They are confident of who they are, and they have a clear picture of what they like and what they don’t like.

Confidence Mistaken for Intimidation

Sigma males are often just as confident as Alpha males, but in an introverted manner. This contrasts with Alpha males, who are known for their extroverted confidence and make sure everyone around them knows. They might not look like the boldest individuals in the room at first glance. Reason being, a Sigma male does not require a display of superiority to boost his self-esteem. Social media and the approval of strangers are not sources of his confidence. If you want to convince a Sigma man of his worth, you won’t succeed.

They know who they are and have a distinct sense of what they like and don’t like. This aspect of your personality is often misunderstood as brashness. That makes people wary of getting into arguments with Sigma males, who may listen to what they have to say, but just as easily dismiss it. Still, when confronted with evidence to the contrary, they are willing to reconsider their positions. A Sigma male is most likely to be persuaded by rational arguments and evidence, rather than appeals to his emotions.

Many women find men in the Sigma fraternity attractive because of their confidence and other positive characteristics. Girls find them attractive because of their confidence, strength, and mystery. Women often initiate interactions with Sigma males because, unlike Alpha males, they don’t actively pursue women. Women will view this man as a challenge, one they must rise to in order to unlock. And it can be especially difficult because Sigma men are notoriously quiet and reserved.

However, Sigma men will respect a woman who attempts this task. When a girl knows what she wants, it impresses him. He has no interest in being with a woman who is passive and easy to control. She must instead be strong-willed, resourceful, and unconstrained. She shouldn’t worry about appearing to be a certain way by wearing designer clothes and designer makeup. She ought to be herself, with nothing to copy from anyone else, and she ought to challenge and intrigue him.

Sigma Males are Self-Aware

Introspection is one of the primary traits of a sigma male.

As opposed to an alpha male who projects himself outward for everyone to see, the sigma male focuses on himself and how his actions impact his entire being.

Sigma males know themselves extremely well.

They know their strengths and are actively working towards improving the weaknesses they think matter.

Instead of spending his time surrounding himself with people, you’ll often find the sigma male in his bubble analyzing what he could have done better.

Even without the best social graces, they still manage to avoid drama because they know how to handle social situations and understand how to come across likable.

As someone who lives their entire lives in their heads and doesn’t really seek out validation, they’ll surely appreciate it when someone finally notices the very special things about them.

As introspective as they may be, sigma males are still human like the rest of us and may get into trouble from time to time.

However, they’ll be able to patch up whatever lapses in judgment they had in no time and turn failures into opportunities for self-development.

Males of the Sigma order have an exceptional grasp on their own identities.

When left to his own devices, Sigmas often reflect on life. He is constantly analyzing his behavior because he understands the consequences of his choices. He is well aware of his own abilities and is making strides to enhance his areas of development. When he errs, he is quick to learn from his error and move on.

Most people flatly don’t understand this way of thinking. The vast majority of today’s human are followers and seem incapable of charting their own course. Because of this, the confident Sigma male seems aloof and arrogant and — most apropos to this article — intimidating.

Without the stress of maintaining social status, Sigmas are free to focus on their inner world of feelings and impulses. He spends a lot of time reflecting on himself and his surroundings; and, as a result, he rarely acts without first giving serious consideration to his options and consequences.

They have clear goals and are constantly striving to better themselves. As a result, Sigma males make excellent partners because they constantly strive to improve their romantic skills.

They are hyper aware of their surroundings

Sigma males know themselves extremely well. Their times of solitude often end up becoming times of introspection. He reflects on his actions regularly and knows how his actions impact his entire being. He has a good sense of his strengths and is actively working towards improving his weaknesses.

If he makes a mistake, he is quick to turn his misjudgment into a lesson. Because they are not burdened with the pressure that comes with defending their position in society, their own emotions and desires take center stage. They know what they want out of life and always work on self improvement.


They Have An Obscure Moral Compass

Sigma men have a propensity for seeing right and wrong in complicated situations. In this regard, rather than passing instant judgement on a group of people, they might have sympathy for them. They become more analytical thinkers who consider all sides of a situation before making a judgement.

They Are Risk Takers

Sigmas don’t take the beaten path when it comes to their careers or personal lives. They prefer to break free and pursue their own interests because they detest cultural norms and cages. They also acknowledge the risks involved in their choice. Sigma males also know a better way of managing stress.

Now that we’ve looked at some sigma male traits let’s get right to their characteristics.

 They Embrace Their Own Personality And Care Less About Others

The sigma male is not a people-pleaser! Instead, sigma males remain true to their elements, while alpha males and other males occasionally change their personalities to maintain their relevance in social standings. It is a remarkable quality because it means they’ll essentially be the same person around others as they are by themselves.

They Listen Well

Ever met an intriguing man who talks less but remembers every little detail from the last conversation? There is a strong possibility that he could be a sigma male. Because they recognize the value of maintaining silence and showing respect when others speak, sigma males typically have good listening skills. As they prioritize the quality of the content over the volume, they listen attentively and speak only when necessary.

Self Management 

Like alpha males, sigma males have a difficult time with power and authority. In contrast to beta males who do as they are told, sigma males frequently break the rules, making them poor followers and workers. Sigma males experience a sense of being stuck in stop-and-go traffic at work. They do not want anything or anyone to impede their progress. They want to handle issues their own way.

The sigma male wants the freedom and flexibility to rethink, reinvent, and reshape their problems uniquely. They are devoted self-starters who thrive when given total control. Many men in the sigma group are entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and creative thinkers.

Advocates of Privacy 

The passions of sigma men are contained within their hearts. Others frequently describe them as secretive, selfish, and private. However, sigma males indeed tend to hide their interests and passions. They don’t feel the need to share because they have something to hide, not because they have something to conceal. Therefore, a sigma male does not promote his success.

Sigma males are the most rewarding people to connect with and befriend, even though it takes a while. That quiet exterior conceals a self-assured passion unmatched by any other.

Grounded Leaders

Sigma males lead by example, putting their hearts into their work and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Alpha males frequently use force and aggression to lead, but sigma males do so by setting a good example for others. They don’t typically want to dominate or intimidate others. Without being superior to anyone, sigma males command just as much respect and power as an alpha.

Titles and positions don’t matter to sigma males. They adopt a modest and realistic strategy. Because of their discipline and humble attitude, sigma males make such respected leaders.

This book, ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You’ by John Maxwell teaches about how to become a good leader.

The Sigma Lifestyle 

A sigma male lives his life unlike anyone else. He has high standards for his way of life, workout routines, and habits. Nobody has the power to alter his way of life. Nothing is worse for a sigma male than a controlling individual. He will find it intolerable when someone tries to change his way of life. He prefers to complete tasks in his own order without worrying about other commitments or others’ desires.

Now that we have successfully learned the characteristics of sigma males and understood their perspective let’s look at the advantages of being a male sigma.

Sigma Males Are Opinionated and Convincing

One of the traits that make the sigma males really intimidating is the fact that they are opinionated and convincing. Unfortunately, people often mistake this for being arrogant. The sigma males have control over their minds, and they are not easily influenced by other people.

Sigma males enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations and are very firm about their beliefs and values. Despite being firm about their beliefs and values, sigma males always listen to other people’s points of view. Even when someone says something completely irrelevant, the sigma males never belittle them. And sigma males have a way of swaying people to see things from his perspective through his well-thoughts and coherent arguments. But if they can’t convince people to see things from their point of view, the lone wolves are disappointed at all. After all, they respect everybody’s opinion and thinking pattern.

Sigma Males are Decisive

The fact that sigma males are decisive makes them seem intimidating to other people.Don’t get this wrong; sigma males are not reckless when making decisions. They carefully evaluate their options, but they don’t allow themselves to be bogged down by the decision-making process.  The lone wolves are not like Beta and Omega males, who sometimes have paralysis by analysis in the process of making decisions.  The truth is, the sigma males always trust their minds and instinct to make the correct decisions.  I don’t think anything frustrates the sigma male more than seeing other people wasting time deliberating on issues that can easily be resolved.  To the lone wolves, a real man should be bold and take action when necessary, not waiting for someone else to help them make a choice.

They Are More Rational Than Being Emotional

Most sigma males’ actions are led by reasons rather than emotion. They rely on their rational sense and instincts when solving problems.  Sigma males don’t allow personal sentiments to cloud their judgment. For every decision the sigma males make, they always gauge the effect of their actions.  Most times, sigma males can’t stand the Beta and Omega males. These guys are so ignorant in a world so full of information.  And once a sigma male realizes that you are insensitive and inconsiderate on issues that require careful analysis, he will start avoiding you.

They Don’t Allow Random People Into Their Lives

Generally, sigma males are careful of who they allow into their lives. They know that people can be inconsistent; they try to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before they allow anybody into their lives.  The sigma males’ philosophy about friendship is that it’s better to stay alone and true than be surrounded by fake people.  Of course, the sigma males don’t need other people’s validation to become confident.  The lone wolves know who they are, what they are, and what they can do. So, they don’t give a damn about what people think of them.  Even though the sigma male is yet to figure out who he is, he doesn’t need anybody’s validation to tell him what he’s capable of doing.  Regardless of the rough path the sigma males pass through in life, they will eventually figure out who they are.  So, the lone wolves have a small circle of friends and are always happy with them.  When it comes to friendship, sigma males prefer to have a few loyal and reliable friends than having several people they can trust.

They Always Stick to Their Moral  

One of the sigma males’ intimidating traits is that they always stick to their morals.  Every sigma male knows what he stands for, and they don’t compromise their values and beliefs for any reason.  Once something doesn’t feel right, you can’t convince the sigma male to do it. And the lone wolves’ actions determine the actions they do and do not find acceptable from other people.  It doesn’t matter whether you are the sigma male’s boss or the most feared tyrant; once you step out of the line, he boldly tells you.

Sigma Males Are Not Attention Seekers

Sigma males don’t seek attention. They need their own space. However, their exceptional personality always attracts people to them.  Sigma males are not like Beta and Omega males who can go to any length just to get other people’s attention.  It’s quite funny how people are naturally drawn to the sigma males even when he tries not to be noticed.  Perhaps, it’s because the lone wolves genuinely seek what’s best for other people.  Funny enough, the socializing sigma males are engaged in is not directly driven by them. But by the people who are influenced by the lone wolf’s unique traits.

Sigma Males Don’t Live Their Lives to Please Other People

Sigma males don’t live their lives to impress or please people. They are not afraid to stay their true self.  The lone wolves don’t care whether they will ruffle a few feathers; they will always be themselves.  Well, what do you expect from a personality like the sigma males? They are confident and believe in themselves.  Irrespective of what happens, the sigma males never feel the need to go out of their way to please or impress people.  Of course, sigma males treat people around them with respect. But they never pander to other people’s egos just to get validation.  Even though the sigma males are passionate about being successful, they don’t achieve success at the expense of their self-esteem.  The lone wolves always show their true colors and are unapologetic about their actions.

Sigma Males are Goal Oriented

Sigma males are goal-oriented. They always focus on a particular goal and develop strategies to achieve these goals.  At all times, the sigma males maintain a clear vision. And for any reason, they don’t waver or believe that their dreams are not realistic. It doesn’t matter the challenges they encounter. The lone wolves know the steps they need to take to achieve their goals. And they are laser-focused on achieving their smaller and smarter goals to achieve their long-term goals.

Sigma Males Don’t Put up with Excuses

Sigma males seriously hate when someone tries to replace effort with excuses.  It disgusts the sigma males when people whine about how they can’t properly manage their time and find a way to blame their inefficiency on external factors.  At all times, the lone wolves focus on what they can do and devise a way to overcome obstacles.  Regardless of how big an obstacle seems, once the sigma male sets his mind, he will always overcome them.  Which of these traits do you have? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below;

Sigma males don’t care what others think

Sigma males don’t live their lives according to what others think of them.Unlike alphas and betas, they are entirely uninterested in fitting in to a particular role in society, and reject occupying a spot within the traditional social dominance hierarchy. Instead of letting their worth and position in society be determined by their relationship to others, sigma males set their own standards and walk their own path. Especially for those who rely particularly heavily on their relationships with others in order to make sense of their place in the world, the sigma’s total independence can be somewhat shocking and intimidating.

Sigmas write their own rules

One consequence of the sigma’s independence is that he writes his own rules for life. He values his own judgement above that of society, and therefore creates his own set of rules to live by. This can make it quite difficult to predict exactly what a sigma male will do, or how he will react in a given situation. For this reason, sigma males are sometimes profiled as having a moral compass that can not be understood as black and white, but lies in a more grey zone. People who are unfamiliar with a sigma male might at times find themselves intimidated by his unique sense of moral compass.

It’s impossible to tell what they’re thinking

Sigma males are naturally introverted, and don’t give away their inner thoughts or feelings easily. They tend to keep to themselves and only share their innermost thoughts and feelings with those they truly trust. Their somewhat asocial nature means that they are not often very well versed in expressing their inner dialogue and don’t use the same social cues as those around them. People who spend time in the company of a sigma male might struggle at first to understand his unique way of expressing himself, and can feel intimidated by the fact that they can not tell what’s going through his mind and what exactly his intentions may be.

They don’t spook easily

The primary goal of a sigma male in life is to be as independent as possible. In order to maintain his independence, a sigma male needs to learn to confront life’s challenges head on. Pretty quickly, this leads to the sigma male developing a deep sense of resilience that can be hard to shake. Even when he feels worried or uncertain about a situation, sigma males understand that showing fear and anxiety is a waste of energy that could be better spent simply tackling the issue at hand. Especially to the outside, sigma males are not easily phased by the challenges that life throws at them, and their ability to resist being spooked in the face of risk, danger, or complication can leave the more anxious minded people around them feeling intimidated.

They are quietly confident

For many people, confidence is equated with being loud and assertive. This is not the case for the sigma male. Sigma males spend a lot of time reflecting, and end up developing a deep sense of self awareness. This self awareness in turn translates in to a quiet confidence that wins respect and commands authority without the sigma male needing to assert himself. Simply by being himself, the sigma male exudes a natural confidence that can be disarming for those used to more abrasive displays of confidence. The uniquely calm and quiet confidence exuded by the sigma male lies at the heart of why more insecure men may find him intimidating.

They’re highly skilled

Sigma males are serious about their passions, and love nothing more than getting stuck in to a project. They like to explore their interests to their fullest, and quite often end up becoming experts on various topics. Their dedication to the interests that they are most passionate about often end up producing sigma males with highly developed skill sets. In many cases, these skills may lie in areas that are completely unrelated to one another – given the sigma male’s naturally curious nature and willingness to explore. This can end up giving the impression that the sigma male is a jack of all trades who is good at everything, something that others can understandably be intimidated by.

They find the spotlight without trying

The sigma male’s quiet confidence means that he is highly unlikely to seek attention or want to be in the spotlight. He is, of course, a lone wolf by nature, and generally prefers to stick to himself and go under the radar. However, his natural intelligence, innovative approach, and confidence mean that all too often the sigma male finds himself thrust into the spotlight. Famous sigma males like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk never set out to become global icons – they simply followed their own path in life and as a consequence ended up in the spotlight. The natural ability of the sigma male to draw praise and admiration even when he does not seek it out can make him the focus of jealousy and feelings of intimidation from others.

They stick to their guns

Sigma males spend so much time observing their surroundings and reflecting. They see things as they truly are, and don’t get caught up and lost in superficial details. Being so in tune with themselves and their surroundings, sigma males possess a keen sense of instinct and intuition. Walking their own path through life requires trusting these instincts and listening to their gut. When a sigma male feels an intuition about something, it can be almost impossible to persuade him otherwise. Some people find the sharp intuition of the sigma male intimidating, as it can sometimes feel as if he always knows something that the people around him don’t.

They can come across as a rebel

Everyone knows that the heart of the sigma personality is a life of total independence and an aversion to authority. It should come as no surprise that, even with his introverted nature, the sigma male can come across as some what of a rebel. He refuses to follow rules that he doesn’t agree with and works by his own set of moral and social standards. What others don’t understand is that the sigma male is not intentionally making an attempt to rebel, he is simply unable to deviate from his totally independent nature. Nevertheless, his apparent rebellion is one of the ways the sigma male intimidates people around him.

They treat everyone equally

Given their removed position in society, sigma males do not see value in people according to their position on the social dominance hierarchy. Unlike most others, sigma males do not assign value to their peers based on social factors such as status, power, or popularity. As a consequence, sigma males are known for their tendency to treat everyone they meet equally – regardless of their “social stats.” To those on the outside who base their behaviour heavily on their position in the social dominance hierarchy, the egalitarian attitude of the sigma male can be hard to comprehend, and even a little intimidating.

Women are naturally drawn to them

Given all their impressive characteristics such as intelligence, skill, humility, and a penchant for deep reflection, it is no surprise that sigma males present a natural allure to many women. Their down to earth and introverted nature gives them an aloof and intriguing aura that women often find difficult to resist. Other men, like the alphas and betas, often have to work so hard to win the attention of women that the seemingly effortless allure of the sigma male can often be the source of considerable intimidation among his peers.

They are prone to financial success

The sigma male is an intelligent and innovative thinker. Beyond this, he has a serious work ethic and sense of dedication. His ideas are rarely about keeping to the status quo, and more often he sigma male situates himself at the heart of innovation. For this reason, sigma males tend to make great thought leaders, as they inspire others to generate new approaches and solutions to the world around them. Sigma males harness their unusual combination of natural abilities both in their personal and professional lives, and this often results in financial success – even when that wasn’t the intended goal. Understandably, the seemingly natural financial success of the sigma male can leave others feeling disadvantaged, intimidated, and sometimes even envious.

They always achieve their goals

The sigma male possesses an ability to focus that tends to surpass his other male counterparts. He has an attitude of precision and dedication and refuses to let external obstacles get in his way. The average sigma harnesses this sharp focus and passion for his goals to generate achievement. As he is the only person able to set a goal for himself, he tends to stop at nothing until he has achieved it. Sigma males owe a lot of their success to this goal-oriented ability, which to the outside can come across as being entirely natural, or some sort of gifted ability to achieve the goals he sets his mind to. For men of lesser focus and dedication, the achievements of the sigma male can act as a reminder of their own shortcomings.

They are totally independent

Independence is something that most people strive for in life. The ability to do what they want, when they want, and being unrestricted by the judgement of others. While most people strive for this, the reality is that few actually achieve it. The sigma male on the other hand not only strives for independence, but actually achieves it. He lives his life relying as little as possible on the external, and champions freedom and autonomy. Especially for those who seek the same independence but are unable to cultivate it, the total freedom of the sigma male inspires equal parts intimidation and awe.

This has been our exploration of the unique position in society that is occupied by the sigma male, and how it has an intimidating effect on many of those around him. Luckily, however, the sigma male’s natural humility allows him to maintain pleasant social relations with even those that are intimidated by him.

He knows how to adapt to different situations

Alpha males can grab a social group or a situation by the neck and make themselves the leader, but there are times when imposing your own leadership isn’t always possible (or recommended).

When alpha males aren’t given the respect or authority they think they deserve, they have a tendency to become a lesser version of themselves.

And that’s where a sigma male has the advantage.

While a sigma male can be in charge if they need to be, they don’t require the validation of being “the leader” in various social situations and power dynamics.

They are happy to fit whatever role is needed for them at any given moment, meaning they are more fluid and flexible than alpha males, and thus more commonly successful in any situation.

With no self-imposed expectations or pressures, a sigma male can be either a follower, a leader, or any position in between, as long as they know that they are being used efficiently and productively.

The problem with this, however, is that this can sometimes rub other people the wrong way.

The unabashed confidence and freedom to play any part can come off as arrogance, intimidating those around the sigma male.

He is a silent leader

What comes to mind when you picture the traditional leader?

Someone on the front lines, with an entourage of officials or subordinates around him at all times; someone who is always on the highest floor, making executive decisions.

An alpha male who speaks loud, always looks big and intimidating and doesn’t look like someone you would ever mess with.

But sigma males are just as capable as alpha males as being leaders, except they have their own approach to it.

Sigma men can be counted on to do what needs to be done.

They have the perfect mix of self-reliance, introspectiveness, and intelligence to figure out any problem and turn something inefficient into something efficient.

You would always want a sigma male on your team. You get the confidence and leadership of an alpha male with none of the downsides of someone with a large and fragile ego that needs constant validation.

A sigma male will never quit regardless of the obstacle or inconvenience; instead, he will keep working at something until he finds a way around it.

They are the types who aren’t afraid to go do what needs to be done, even if it’s “unbecoming” of a leader, because their utmost priority is the goal, not their image.

He is the master of his own fate

Sigma males are independent self-starters. You’ll very rarely find them in anything other than executive-level and managerial positions.

As deeply introspective individuals, they have a sixth sense for inefficiency and have a knack for breaking down processes into actually actionable steps.

It goes without saying that the sigma male is deeply ambitious. He may not always be the loudest voice in the room but his convictions and morals remain strong even when no one’s listening.

 It’s hard to understand him

The sigma male personality may be one of the hardest personality types to understand.

Because he is neither beta nor alpha but unique in his own way, it’s difficult to characterize his choices and his behavior because they don’t really fit in our binary understanding of what it means to be dominant or submissive.

If you’re dating a sigma male, one of the most difficult things about dating him is that he’s not very vocal.

His knack for problem-solving tends to come first, which may not always be what you need emotionally.

Combine this with their disinterest in playing by traditional societal expectations, sigma males can come across as robotic, unfeeling partners.

This could not be farther from the truth. Sigma males are among the best partners out there precisely because they’re highly self-aware.

They may not always communicate what they’re thinking or planning because they live in their own heads, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take you into consideration.

Sigma males are primarily solution-driven. They want to keep moving forward and help those he cares about become the best version of themselves too.

This fascination for efficiency can come across a little unempathetic at times, but it’s his way of showing you he cares.No one else lives by the motto action speaks louder than words better than a sigma male.

He could be an alpha if he wanted

By their very nature, alpha males want you to know that they’re alpha males. They live by structures and fall into the archetype of what it means to be a strong man with leadership qualities.

The sigma male couldn’t care less. He possesses the same relentlessness, ruthlessness, and cunning of an alpha male but isn’t really interested in projecting that onto his peers.

Sigma males believe in showcasing their talents and abilities through actions; awards and acknowledgements are secondary to them.

He doesn’t need titles or to be the center of attention to feel important — he just knows that he is.

This self-confidence and security allows sigma males to work quietly in the background without the need to constantly declare themselves as the leader.

They’re often happy wearing many different hats in a team and no job ever feels “too small” for them.

When it comes to projects, their ego comes last. The most important thing is that the job gets done.

If you ever come across an unassuming, intelligent man don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s a beta. He might just be a dominant introvert in disguise, happily waiting for the right time to shine.

He can’t be told what to do when it comes to anything

With a certain security and fixation on who you are comes some stubbornness too.

Because sigma males are confident with who they are as a person, they have a very clear picture of the things they like and don’t like.

As a result, it might be hard to get a sigma male to see the different side of things.

This might frustrate partners of sigma males who only wish to enrich his life.

Instead of pushing him to do things your way, appeal to his pragmatic side and talk about the benefits of doing things a certain way.

Sigma males can be dead set on who they are as people but are at the same time open to adopting when proven wrong.

Take him to a restaurant he’d never go to.

Present an argument about an opinion he never would have considered. Introduce a new shirt that he wouldn’t have picked for himself.

Sigma males may be stuck in their own ways but will be more than happy to enrich their lives and their personality, as long as you help them ease into it.

Some Tips to Remember when dealing with them.

They tend to have an intense stare.
They are eerily correct in their predictions.
They aren’t afraid to take longer than usual pauses while speaking.
They possess a sort of introverted dominance.
They know way more than they ever let on.
They don’t care what others think about them.
They cannot be controlled by anyone.
They possess a lot of knowledge about seemingly everything.


Sigma Males are often misunderstood as being intimidating when they are simply being contemplative. They can also be resented by others for being unwilling to just follow the crowd.

As an aspiring Sigma Male yourself, don’t worry too much about what other people think or how they perceive you. Being Sigma means ‘Never Having to Say You’re Sorry.’ source #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7


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