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Legal Abuse Syndrome

This Site Came Into Being And Exists Today……

Because Someone Survived Legal Abuse Syndrome

I became depressed, physically ill and seriously suicidal after experiencing the insanity of litigation.  I lost my home and was sent to the street with nothing but the clothes on my back.  Literally everything I owned was gone for several years.  I fought my fight to points of exhaustion where all I could do was stare into space.  Friends had left; I was emotionally isolated and normal living activities were no longer normal.  Rage doesn’t come close to describing the feelings I lived with for years.  Even this is not the full story of how bad it got.” — The Founder Of and The Pro Se Way

A couple of points from the Founder of these websites who knows all too well how badly one can be affected by Legal Abuse:

  • Many times litigation is combined with changes in life that, in and of themselves, can cause stress, depression or worse.
  • Add the expense, injustice and insanity of the legal system and you double the problems.
  • Compound the above with the fact that many times help for the above is either non-existent, unaffordable, ineffective or, at best, hard to find.
  • Add to that the fact most feel that the wrongs can never be made right and the war will never end

And the result is a VERY SERIOUS situation that can break just about anybody.  Know this – you will be changed.  Most importantly, we want you to know:


When you finally climb out of the wreckage, assuming you do, you will be much wiser and stronger in many ways.  You will be well equipped to help others in the same situation.  Some of the valuable advice I received during this 10+ year crisis is:

  • Choose your battles carefully.
  • Get treatment…FAST.
  • Don’t be afraid to take medications whether for the body or the mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your problems may have started with, or evolved into, what is classified today as a mental problem or problems.
  • Stop expecting people to be as outraged as you are.
  • Try to find meaning, purpose or projects that don’t involve the fight.
  • Find SOME way to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Consider spiritual based assistance, solutions or activities.
  • Ask for help!  You probably need something you don’t think or know you need.
  • Remember – ALL WARS END!
  • Your friends and family have left, not because they are necessarily bad, but because you have become too much of a weight for them to carry.
  • For God’s sake, do some exercise to help you unwind!

I never received justice in any substantive way.  Oh, there was a thing here or there that gave me small smidgens of justice.  But some points need to be made here:

  • Part of my recovery was accepting I would not see the justice I expected and deserved according to our Constitution.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing that this country has, in many ways, written off our Constitution and rights of redress.
  • Part of my recovery was accepting that corrupt, lying, thieving, completely callous people remain in positions of power without correction.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing that my wrongdoers would absolutely dread having to litigate anything with me again because I gave them a serious run for their money.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing I cost my wrongdoers a LOT of money – much more than they thought they would ever spend given the fight I gave them.
  • Part of my recovery is knowing that hundreds of people a day are using this site for various reasons and are helped or informed by it.
  • Part of my recovery was deciding I was going to find a way to live and achieve some degree of enjoyment out of life despite my knowledge of the unbelievable corruption of the American system that I have knowledge of.
  • Part of my recovery was accepting I can be legally right and be rejected by a corrupt system.  We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are “creatively interpreted”.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing that ALL OF US tend towards abuse of power when we get it.  The one most likely to abuse power is the one who thinks they are above doing so.  It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.  That is true for YOU, ME and ALL current abusers of power.  If you don’t fully comprehend that, you will go from being abused to being an abuser.
  • A large part of my recovery was, and sometimes still is, bleeding.  Bleeding mentally and emotionally and recovering physically…and I might add slowly.  Some call it bleeding, others venting, processing, dealing with things or coming to terms with things.  Whatever you call it, it will take time.

A word of advice for those affected and infected by legal abuses:  During the usually lengthy litigation process we tend to meet and perhaps befriend a lot of angry people on some level.  Many turn into conspiracy buffs or people that are ANTI this and that thinking they have the system, conspiracies or ‘the plan’ all figured out.  For many this becomes feeding on their anger in a negative way instead of recovering from it.  Consider other friends.  There comes a time when you need to climb out of the fox hole and be around people that aren’t at war.

Do people still find justice in our system?  Sure, it happens.  More than not your only ‘justice’ will be the fact you can cost your wrongdoer a fortune in time and money spent fighting you, especially if you are Pro Se.  Public embarrassment and exposure also affects wrongdoers.  Many times the system won’t let you win, but you can still fight.  If enough people fought, wrongs would still be righted even with a system as corrupted as ours.  Wrongdoers would stop committing wrong only because of the repeated cost of litigation, public exposure and embarrassment.  Also don’t forget there are other, civil, legal and lawful ways to go after wrongdoers via various forms of protests.

I am NOT suggesting we resign ourselves to a country not governed by the Constitution the way it is supposed to be.  I am saying:

You Must Recover For Your Sake And The Sake Of Your Loved Ones

And NOT for that reason only.  You must recover because there is not enough people that know what is really going on.  Not enough people know how corrupt the system has become.

Survive And Recover To Help Them As Well!

To All Those Who Have Or Are Experiencing Legal Abuses I Want To Say:

Many times the reason and purpose for events in our life initially escapes us, but I am certain we can find reason and purpose in everything that happens!

To all those in positions of power, the judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police and whoever else, I and untold numbers of Americans would like to tell you this:

We Want To Live With Justice, Not Spend Our Lives Pursuing It!

Other Help Available
With Legal Abuse Syndrome

Litigation Can Leave A Person Seriously Damaged

In litigation, particularly protracted litigation, lives can be devastated, life savings wiped out, homes and families ruined and God only knows what else.  Additionally many people, raised to believe in this country, will experience corruption in our legal system with judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police and sometimes even court staff that is shocking beyond belief.  Attempts to get the corruption addressed or even recognized by authorities are met with deaf ears and complete ambivalence.

Black Becomes White, Up Becomes Down, Wrong Becomes Right And No One Cares

The degree of insanity one can run into with litigation is beyond description.  Litigation can leave you feeling like a person without a country, alone, filled with rage beyond words, depressed and even suicidal, homicidal or both.  It can go on for years and you will wonder if you will ever feel normal again.  You will wonder if you can ever feel good about your Country again.  You can also get hysterical or physically ill just thinking about and reliving the legal abuse nightmare.

The Legal Abuse Syndrome Book And Website

There is a book available on Amazon called Legal Abuse Syndrome and a website called  This site also offers courses and other helpful information regarding Legal Abuse Syndrome.

Videos On Legal Abuse Syndrome

Here is a good starter video and here is a YouTube search for Legal Abuse Syndrome





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