Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer Gratuitous use of the N-Word !

Todd Spitzer is a disgusting racist that pretends to be caring and sympathetic yet uses the real N-Word not the abbreviated form

District Attorney Todd Spitzer is a Racist using the N-Word Gratuitously. he protrays this as he is “Just reading what the type says” but when anyone reads the N-word and we truly are not racist it is impossible to say the really word itself. also he is quite conscious of the use of the word…… HE CHECKS FOR CHILDREN 1ST !!! What the F$%K? he is quite conscious the words is very wrong to say he is also quick to make sure there are no AFRICAN AMERICANS AND CHILDREN PRESENT before the use demonstrates a conscious knowledge of how wrong it was. All instructors and teachers in any community when confronted with having to use the N-word never actually say the true word like HE DID, especially as a WHITE MALE! what us white men do when confronted with having to discus a topic that uses such horrid words a true dignified indvidiual would never use the real word and only mention it by its abbreviated form which is “N-WORD” we would never say the real thing much less look for kids and blacks first! that is the sign that you grew up with RACIST WHITES THAT COMMONLY TALKED THIS WAY! HE ALSO COMMENTS ON BLACK MEN MARRYING WHITES TO MOVE UP! NICE GUY HE IS


OC DA uses the N-Word Gratuitously in front of another minority, checks first for kids though 🙂