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‘Cave of death’ that people are strictly forbidden from entering kills anything that goes inside

“Danger, no trespassing beyond this point” – it’s a sign you definitely don’t want to ignore

People are flooding to social media in horror over a cave which kills anything pretty much as soon as it goes inside.

If you’re the sort of person who would do what characters do in horror movies, or really what Aladdin did, then you should probably steer clear of this story unless you want to get any dangerous ideas.

Prepare for a new setting for your nightmares:

The deadly cave is located in Costa Rica, South America, on the edge of the Poas Volcano.

According to The Costa Rica Star, the cave is only small – measuring two meters deep and three meters long – but oh is it mighty.

When it was first discovered, a worker reportedly ended up getting sick – and that was only when he got ‘close to the entrance,’ not even inside. And animals have died almost instantly after entering.

But why is the cave so deadly?

The cave is located on the edge of Poas volcano.

Getty Images/ Federico Meneghetti/ REDA&CO/ Universal Images Group

Well, the cave’s oxygen levels are basically non-existent, instead it’s filled with carbon dioxide.

“At higher concentrations it leads to an increased respiratory rate, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmias and impaired consciousness. Concentrations >10 percent may cause convulsions, coma and death. Solid carbon dioxide may cause burns following direct contact,” National Library of Medicine notes.

And a team headed up by Guy van Rentergem found the cave produces a whopping 30kg of carbon dioxide every hour, according to Rentergem’s YouTube video ‘Cave of Death in Costa Rica’.

How did so much carbon dioxide end up in the cave I hear you ask?

No one exactly knows, but one X account has suggested it is of ‘organic origin, resulting from underground mineral deposits subjected to high temperatures and pressures in the earth’s magma, where oxygen is absent.’

The cave is full of carbon dioxide.

YouTube/ @gvr63

Despite being too deadly to actually enter, the cave is still a popular tourist attraction, nicknamed ‘Cueva de la Muerte’ (Cave of Death in Spanish).

The tourist center gives a demonstration of just how deadly the attraction is by lighting a torch and poking it into the entrance of the cave, showing how quickly the flame goes out as a result of the lack of oxygen and presence of carbon dioxide.

A sign outside the cave reads: “Danger, no trespassing beyond this point.”

So, even if you wanted to go in, you literally can’t, not only are you banned from entering – we all know some rule breakers out there – but the entrance is only small enough for animals and birds.

People have been flocking to social media in horror over the deadly cave.

One X user said: “Omg it’s terrible.”

“Oh… no no,” another wrote.

A third commented: “Whoa that’s crazy.”

And a final resolved: “Yet another cave I’m never entering.” source

A SINISTER “cave of death” in Costa Rica kills any living creature that dares to step inside.

The deadly cave is located on the edge of the Poas Volcano in Costa Rica and is strictly prohibited from entering.

Sinister 'Cave of Death' kills anyone who enters almost instantly

Sinister ‘Cave of Death’ kills anyone who enters almost instantlyCredit:
The deadly pothole is located on the hot spring resort territory in Costa Rica

The deadly pothole is located on the hot spring resort territory in Costa RicaCredit:
The phenomenon is the result of high levels of toxic carbon dioxide gas

The phenomenon is the result of high levels of toxic carbon dioxide gasCredit:

Cueva de la Muerte translated to Cave of Death from Spanish is a tourist attraction that doesn’t actually let anyone visit inside.

The terrifying placard outside of it warns: “Danger, no trespassing beyond this point.”

And the images of skulls are just a sign hinting to what could happen to trespassers.

But poor animals that can’t read the warning die instantly when they enter the cavity.

The reason behind eerie phenomenon in the Cave of Death is the high levels of CO2.

The cave itself emits nearly 100 per cent carbon dioxide, a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is highly toxic and can be fatal.

Guy van Rentergem and his team found out that the deadly pothole produces 30 kilograms of carbon dioxide per one hour.

Any breathing being that steps inside it dies almost instantly due to CO2 poisoning and lack of oxygen. source