Fri. Jun 7th, 2024
The New York Post printed information about the conspiracy around Hunter Biden’s laptop story.The New York Post printed information about the conspiracy around Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

Twitter’s suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t a conspiracy theory — it’s a conspiracy

Hunter Biden attended the 2022 Kennedy Center Honorees reception at the White House. CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Hunter Biden attended the 2022 Kennedy Center Honorees reception at the White House.
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images


“Conspiracy theorist” is one of the great insults of our day. It was thrown at me onstage the other night by the popular pseudo-guru and full-time intellectual fraud Malcolm Gladwell.

Debating in front of 3,000 people about the trustworthiness (or otherwise) of the mainstream media I brought up the Hunter Biden laptop story as an example of how much of the media cannot be trusted. “Oh my God,” wailed Gladwell, like an Upper East Side teenager, flailing his arms around in horror. His colleague — New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg — almost fell off her chair. Both rocked back and forth with laughter and forced histrionics. Fancy my bringing up such a nothing-burger of a story as that, they hooted. What a lot of “conspiracy theory” I appeared to have fallen into.

Well, the shoe is very much on the other foot now, as it always should have been.

Because, as it happened, my colleague that night was the journalist Matt Taibbi. The day after our debate, Matt started to drop information from Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, which once again showed that it is those who refused to focus on the laptop stories who were actually involved in a conspiracy. A conspiracy that is now completely transparent.

I don’t need to remind readers of the Post of what happened in this story. Of the way in which this paper — America’s oldest — was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of silencing during October 2020. This paper dared to print information that was of public interest. It was information that exposed corruption on an extraordinary scale in what is now the first family. Not just the president’s son being paid to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company when he had no knowledge of energy or Ukraine. But things like the almost $5 million that Hunter and his Uncle James raked in over 14 months from just one Chinese energy conglomerate.

The New York Post printed information about the conspiracy around Hunter Biden’s laptop story.
The New York Post printed information about the conspiracy around Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

Nobody needs to be reminded of how the situation would have been otherwise if the laptop of Don Trump, Jr., had been released and it had included this kind of information. The New York Times — which wasted everyone´s time for years with false “Russiagate” stories would not have found a “Don Jr. laptop” such a vast, unfathomable yawneroo.

But they found the Hunter laptop just that. For a very good reason. They had their aims, and they had their man. They wanted Biden in the White House at all costs and so they suppressed the Post’s story and tried to make sure that the American public was not able to vote with all the information that could have been at their disposal.

Week after week the story gets even worse. And this week perhaps the most damning revelation of all just dropped. First, there was the revelation — which we all knew — that the Biden campaign had been telling Twitter to expect a Hunter story and to quash it. That is the sort of corruption we might almost be used to. But now we have also learned the news that a former lawyer at the FBI — James Baker — was actually working inside Twitter. And that when Elon Musk took over Twitter Baker was still working there. Indeed he was working there until Sunday of this week when Musk found out and fired him.

And what had Baker been able to do? He had actually been able to insert himself between Musk and my debating partner Matt Taibbi in order to redact the communications which Musk wanted Taibbi to release. So even as the true story was coming out this former — or present — FBI man was working inside Twitter in order to stop the story from getting out.

What was he busying himself with during those crucial days? Was he editing out anything that might point to involvement by the FBI and other security agencies? Was he editing out or redacting information that might show the first family in an even worse light than the facts already do? We don’t know — but we should. Because this is not a conspiracy theory. It is an out-and-out conspiracy. One which American voters deserve to learn about.

Back in the day, it was well known that intelligence agencies in America, Britain, and other countries, used to insert agents — often declared — inside large corporations: energy giants, international oil companies, and the like. It appears that in our age certain agencies have inserted their people in the Big Tech companies and they have been performing a role we are only just starting to become aware of.

So as I say, people will laugh and scoff. The NYT will continue running distraction pieces trying to pretend that “hate” has been on the rise on Twitter since Musk bought it. They may keep ignoring and scoffing at this scandal. But in fact, something else is happening. Their game is up. The story is becoming fully exposed before the eyes of the world.

Randi Weingarten’s priorities

The news came yesterday that the President has managed to secure the release of Brittney Griner, the WNBA star imprisoned in Russia on drug charges. Curiously, no one was more elated than Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers.

Congratulating POTUS on social media Weingarten trilled: “What a great relief!!! Extraordinary news, a basketball star, but also a gay, black woman is released.” I’ve heard of a two-fer offer, but for Weingarten, this was clearly a three or four-fer offer. Not only a basketball star but also a gay, black woman. What relief. What double, triple, and quadruple relief!

I wonder how muted Weingarten’s reaction would have been had Griner not had the good fortune to be black, female, and gay? Or if she had been, say, a pupil at any school across America. After all, it is American students who Weingarten is meant to somehow support. But it is them who by the millions she managed to get locked up in their homes, away from school, for months at a time during COVID.

No wonder Weingarten is celebrating a success she had no involvement in. Just imagine if she had to take responsibility for the millions of individual educational disasters she presided over.