Found: The viral infection that makes nearly HALF of us more stupid
(and it lasts for YEARS)


  • The virus – called chlorovirus ATCV-1 – was only known to appear in algae
  • Researchers in U.S. have not established how it comes to infect humans
  • It hasn’t infected just swimmers, which rules out direct link to algae itself
  • Instead humans could’ve been carrying virus but was not known to doctors
  • Research suggests it alters genes in brain including memory and emotion
  • Scientists found 44 per cent of patients tested had virus in their throats
  • Virology researchers at John Hopkins accidentally discovered a virus that is commonly found in algae, ACTV-1, that was harbored in 43% of the healthy volunteers in their study.
  • Subjects who carried the virus performed 10% worse on cognitive testing, with significant decreases in function in visual processing and visual motor speed.
  • The reason that this has generated so much attention is because of concerns that small, unrecognized bacterial or viral infections harbored by humans may contribute to cognitive decline or stealth illness.