Combined therapy better than aspirin alone

The final analysis included a total of 330 participants, as 18 subjects dropped out during the 6-month study period.

Compared with participants who received aspirin only, those who received ginkgo biloba extract plus aspirin had higher MoCA scores at all assessment points, particularly for memory and executive function.

Also, at 12 and 30 days after treatment, participants treated with both ginkgo biloba extract and aspirin demonstrated better functional capacity than those who received aspirin only, indicating fewer neurological impairments such as speech problems and muscle weakness.

The scientists found no differences in vascular events between subjects treated with ginkgo biloba extract plus aspirin and those treated with aspirin only, and the combination treatment led to few side effects.

Commenting on their study results, the researchers write:

The study demonstrated that patients with stroke who received GBE [ginkgo biloba extract] and aspirin manifested better memory function, executive functions, neurological function, and daily life. Additionally, the safety data analysis demonstrated that GBE did not increase the incidence of adverse events.”

Fang and colleagues admit that there are some limitations to their study. For example, it was not double-blind, meaning that the researchers and participants knew which treatments they were receiving. This could have affected the results.

Additionally, they note that the follow-up period was short, and that further studies are needed to assess the long-term effects of ginkgo biloba extract among people who have had a stroke.