Mon. May 20th, 2024


‘Prioritize the needs of these millions of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizen’


NARRATOR: “The Democrat open borders plan to entrench single-party rule explained in under two minutes. 1) Flood the country with untold millions of illegals by land, sea and air from all over the world, enough to eclipse the populations of 36 individual U.S. states, so far. 2) Prioritize the needs of these millions of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizen, with free flights, buses, hotels, meals and phones, ensuring their loyalty to the political party that imported them. 3) Keep them in the country at all costs, even when they commit violent crime like murder and rape. Attack the language used to describe the criminals, as opposed to the criminals themselves, slander critics as racist. 4) Ensure their privileges are made irrevocable with city and state sanctuary laws that act as population magnets, codify permanent status and ensure non-cooperation with ICE.” source



Democrats’ plan of transitioning America to a one-party state

Progressives depict U.S. as so terrible that it can’t be redeemed

The Democratic Party has lost interest in America as a nation.

Instead, Democrats and their radical and violent base, their mega-monied leftists, have three central goals for one party, not one country: Ideology, power and money.

To achieve this, they are now gutting America, scooping out the working parts and replacing them with Marxist-inspired controls. “Equity” dumbs everybody down. Critical race theory obliterates individuals. Environmental, social and governance policies rope everyone in to be agents of the Democratic Party state.

Check your retirement account. It’s an ESG donor now.

Democrats now depict the United States as such an awful place that it can’t be redeemed. Keyword: “racism.” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, son of the late Joseph Buttigieg, a leading American Marxist professor, states without doubt that roads are racist. The liberal media write that lawns are racist, as are Black conservatives, school choice and dissenting parents. And anyone who disagrees with them.

Leading the charge is President Biden. He characterizes America as frothing with White supremacists. They lurk everywhere, causing chaos and havoc, according to his fanciful mind. He is a grumpy president whose motive is to keep Black Americans as angry and resentful as possible.

The rampant urban crime destroying neighborhoods — thefts, carjackings, murders. Yep. White supremacists.

Underwriting this restructuring of our country are socialist oligarchs led by George Soros, who funds every aspect of the left and the party.

His agenda for us peasants: open borders, no sovereignty, no criminal prosecution and defunded police. All of these have been disasters, but that’s the objective. (Mr. Soros, a billionaire currency trader, lives a life of comfort in a town that has a robust police force right down the road.)

He hates sovereignty — the right of the United States to govern itself.

“The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions,” he wrote in his 1998 game plan, “The Crisis of Global Capitalism.”

A political party, if truly dedicated to American greatness, would shun such a financier as Mr. Soros. But since the Democratic Party is dedicated to the troika of ideology/power/money, it embraces him.

The United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and other global power wannabes are circling, waiting until the Soros regime takes firm control so they can pounce. They want our money, billions of it, and our sovereignty.

Mr. Biden is the Lenin in all of this. To achieve a one-party state, he first opened the southwestern border to suck in millions of future voters. The vicious drug cartels are organizing and transporting them. All Mr. Biden needed to do was change immigration rules to usher them in as fast as possible.

Never missing a chance to weaken the U.S. as a nation, left-wing groups argue that citizenship laws are filled with racism. Local blue jurisdictions are moving to let noncitizens vote.

In the District of Columbia, Democrats have prepared a law to take over federal elections now run by states. The Democrats’ proposal, which is blocked in the Senate for now, requires that states register everyone to vote who has an address.

This goes back to the Biden grand plan: Flood us with illegal migrants and weaken citizenship.

The goal of transitioning America to a one-party state permeates the left 24/7.

The Justice Department brazenly targets Mr. Biden’s political adversaries. Pro-life people are surveilled for any chance to charge them with a crime and bolster Democrats’ abortion politics. Free spirit Elon Musk took away Twitter (now X), the Democrats’ personal information playground. Mr. Biden promptly targeted him for investigation.

A growing censorship industry, including the FBI, harasses conservative media under the fake title of “fact checkers.” They target views with which they disagree and press advertisers to cut off money.

Why does Mr. Biden go soft on China? Why does he say he will not “contain” China and wants China to succeed economically?

Because Chinese money makes its way not only into the Biden family but also into Democratic Party campaigns via middlemen. Michael Bloomberg, for example, is a giant Democratic donor. He also does extensive business in China. He says China is not a dictatorship.

Mr. Biden’s campaign committee and dedicated PACs spent $1.6 billion in the 2020 election cycle, according to Then-President Donald Trump spent $600,000 less, at $1 billion.

Only one force has enough money, organization and intellectual power to stop Democrats, billionaire oligarchs and the liberal press.

It’s the Republican-conservative alliance.

Out of that movement, conservatives chose the only person they believed was tough enough to lead to a new American freedom.

Donald Trump, flawed as he is, is a natural counter-Democrat who enjoys expressing a love of America as a nation. His supporters view him as genuine. Mr. Biden brands them as terrorists. Mr. Trump exalts in their presence.

Unfortunately, in the Jan. 6 riot, Mr. Trump gave Democrats the political gift of a lifetime. He chose to listen to uninformed conspiratorialists. Thus was born the ill-fated “Stop the Steal.”

The FBI’s crimes against his presidency made him reflexively paranoid. He was not prepared for Washington’s liberal viciousness.

Who knew in 2016 that at FBI headquarters sat an angry cabal of left-wing anti-Trump activists? To destroy him, the FBI conspired with the press and Democrats to rally around a Kremlin-fed, Hillary Clinton campaign-financed hoax called the dossier.

Because of this history, he came to believe the 2020 election was just another fraud by the Democrats to deny him office. source