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30 people shot in mass shooting at south Baltimore block party, 2 dead

Two people are dead after as many as 30 people were shot in a mass shooting overnight in Brooklyn while investigators search for the shooters, Baltimore police said.

What happened

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Rich Worley said during a news conference shortly after 5 a.m. that officers received multiple calls just after 12:30 a.m. for a mass shooting in the 800 block of Gretna Court, where there was a block party underway.

Residents told 11 News there was a large gathering in the neighborhood before they heard what sounded like fireworks, which they later learned were gunshots. Worley said the event was not permitted and police were unaware of it taking place until some time Saturday.

The victims

Worley said officers found an 18-year-old woman dead at the scene. Nine others were taken to hospitals, and as many as 20 others — ranging in age from 13 to 32 — arrived at hospitals across the region on their own. Worley said 14 minors were among the injured.

A 20-year-old man also died, and three others were in critical condition.

The University of Maryland Medical System said it received patients at Shock Trauma as well as others at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Pediatric Emergency Department.

MedStar reported receiving several patients at Harbor Hospital, some of which were stabilized and transferred to trauma centers. Some patients have been treated and released.

Search for suspects

Worley said no suspects are in custody, but that investigators were reviewing video and talking to witnesses to try to identify at least two suspects.

“We do know more than one person was shooting,” Worley said at an afternoon news conference. “We don’t know if they were targeted (shootings) or whether they were shooting indiscriminately up the street.”

As Worley asked the public for videos, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott implored the public to provide information.

“This is an absolute tragedy that did not have to happen,” Scott said. “Anyone that knows anything about what happened here, anything about this mass shooting, come forward with any piece of information. Treat this as if it was your family and how you would want people to treat it as if you were mourning, as if this were an event happening in your community.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 866-7LOCKUP.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said its special agents, K-9 and task force officers are supporting Baltimore police in the investigation.

No further information was immediately released.

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Mayor releases statement: City services available

The city has brought out resources, including the Peacemobile, which will remain in the area the next 45 days to help residents.

The mayor’s office said city agencies are offering resources at the Brooklyn Homes Community Center (4140 10th St.) for those affected by the mass shooting. Mental health clinicians and food and water were being made available to residents in need, according to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement.

The mayor’s office released a statement, saying: “In the early morning hours of July 2, a horrific mass shooting occurred at Brooklyn Homes in south Baltimore. At this time, two people have been killed and 28 others injured, leaving three people in critical condition. My heart is with those who lost their lives, all those who are now battling injuries, and their loved ones. This community should also know that they have our wholehearted support during this unimaginably difficult time. This act of violence has shaken our city to the very core, and we are all grappling with the shock, pain, and trauma that accompanies such a heinous act of destruction.

“This investigation is ongoing, and we will not rest until the people responsible are held accountable. This tragedy again shows why we must continue to focus on the amount of illegal guns on our streets that make it into the hands of individuals who should not have them and continuously carry out violent acts in our city. There must be accountability at each level of the illegal gun trade from those using them, those trafficking them to those who manufacture them in ways they know will lead to violence. I’m asking that anyone who has information on who committed this cowardly, violent act to come forward and help us secure justice for the Brooklyn community.

baltimore mass shooting
WBAL-TV\Breana Ross

“To support residents of south Baltimore during this time, my office has stood up immediate resources in and surrounding the Brooklyn Homes area. Today, the Brooklyn Homes Community Center will serve as a central place for various city agencies to provide residents immediate aid and services.

“My Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (MONSE) will immediately begin their work activating a Coordinated Neighborhood Stabilization Response within this community, focused on addressing trauma and stabilizing the neighborhood in partnership with community-based organizations and city agencies.

“In the coming days, our community will undoubtedly be faced with grief, questions, and the need for answers. I assure you that the Baltimore Police Department, MONSE, and every other city agency is working diligently to investigate, engage residents, and keep everyone informed of additional pertinent information when it becomes available.”

Raw video below: 5 a.m. police news conference in its entirety

Gov. Wes Moore releases statement

“Last night, we saw yet another mass shooting strike our community where a celebratory gathering turned deadly. My heart breaks for these victims, their families and the Baltimore community that is coping with the loss.

“Maryland has had enough of watching gun violence continue to ravage our state and our nation. The fact that these horrific shootings continue to take place is abominable. We as a state will continue to do everything we can to prevent senseless acts of violence like the one we saw last night.

“We are grateful for the actions of the first responders who jumped quickly into action and are confident that our law enforcement officials will swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice. My administration is in close touch with local officials and will provide whatever resources are needed to assist.

“To the loved ones of these Marylanders, I am so sorry for your loss. You deserve better and we will work together to bring you just that. You have my word.”

Council President Nick Mosby releases statement

“My heart breaks for the lives lost and all affected by the senseless violence that occurred in south Baltimore last evening.

“As Baltimoreans, we must unite to stand against violence in our communities and understand that each and every life in our city is precious, valuable and essential.

“The residents of Brooklyn Park deserve to live in a safe community and not wake up today after what was to be a day of celebration, faced with trauma, pain and loss. All the violence in my beloved city breaks my heart, as I imagine it does yours.

“I implore all those with information that can help police apprehend the perpetrators of this callous act, to please step forward and contact BPD Homicide detectives at 410-396-2100, or if you wish to remain anonymous, call the Metro Crime Stoppers tip line at 866-7LOCKUP.”

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates releases statement

“On behalf of the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City (BCSAO), we are profoundly saddened and outraged by the tragic events that unfolded earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families affected by this senseless violence. But we need more than thoughts and prayers; we need policy and change in Maryland, particularly Baltimore. A policy that helps us hold repeat violent offenders accountable and reduces the number of illegal firearms in our communities.

“A mass shooting occurred in our city, resulting in the injury of 30 individuals and the loss of at least two innocent lives. This shocking incident could have happened to any of us celebrating in our communities this holiday weekend. The immense pain and grief felt throughout our city today is palpable. My office and I stand with those impacted by this tragedy and offer our support in any way we can.

“Our homicide prosecutors have been in close contact with BPD detectives and are providing support and assistance as needed. Additionally, our Victim/Witness coordinators and Community Engagement Team are canvassing the community to ensure residents are aware of available resources and how to access them.

“We must unite as a city and support one another in such times. I encourage anyone affected by this tragedy to reach out for assistance, whether it is emotional support, counseling, or any other form of help they may require. My office will collaborate with local organizations and coordinate resources to provide the necessary support, including relocation support. I call upon the public to provide authorities with any information about this tragic event. If you have information about this shooting, contact BPD homicide detectives. Those who wish to remain anonymous can use the Metro Crime Stoppers tip line at 866-7LOCKUP.” source


Gunfire that erupted during a block party early Sunday morning left two people dead and 28 others injured, according to Baltimore City Police. Police said they were still looking for the suspects.

Both victims killed were identified as an 18-year-old woman, and a 20-year-old man, according to police. The 28 other victims range between the ages of 13-years-old through 32-years-old as well, police say.

In an update Sunday afternoon, officials said 9 victims still remain in the hospital. Their conditions are unknown.

Shooting in Baltimore leaves dozens wounded, multiple dead: police

30 people were shot, including two victims who were killed, police said

A shooting in Baltimore, Maryland, early Sunday morning left dozens of people wounded and multiple fatalities.

The incident happened during a gathering in the Brooklyn Homes section of South Baltimore, according to police.

Police officers and medical personnel responded to the scene on the 800 block of Gretna Avenue at around 12:30 a.m., acting Baltimore police commissioner Rich Worley said at a news conference.

Worley said 30 people were shot, including three victims in critical condition and two fatalities.


Baltimore shooting

A shooting in Baltimore, Maryland, early Sunday morning left dozens of people wounded and multiple people killed. (Baltimore Police)

A suspect, who has not been taken into custody, opened fire during a block party, police said.

Some victims were transported to the hospital by emergency personnel while others self-transported to the hospital.

“All of Baltimore is grieving the lives that we lost here our hearts are with all those that are recovering as a result of this mass shooting,” mayor Brandon Scott said at the news conference. “This investigation is ongoing, and our homicide detectives will continue to work until they find out what happened here but what we do know this morning is this is a reckless cowardly act that has happened here and has permanently altered many lives and cost two people their lives.”

Witnesses told Fox 45 Baltimore they heard 20 to 30 shots fired.

The Baltimore Police patch. (Ulysses Munoz/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The incident happened during a gathering overnight in the Brooklyn Homes section of South Baltimore. (Ulysses Munoz/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images) source