Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Anti Woke Warrior – The Adventures of Tommy and the Woke Warriors


Once upon a time, in a small town nestled in the rolling hills of the countryside, lived a young boy named Tommy. Tommy was a bright and curious child who loved spending time outdoors, exploring nature and playing with his friends.

One day, as Tommy was playing in the park with his best friend, Sarah, he noticed a group of people wearing strange T-shirts with slogans like “Woke is the way!” and “Equality for all!” They were marching and chanting loudly, waving banners and flags. Intrigued, Tommy approached them to find out what was going on.

As Tommy got closer, he saw that the group called themselves the Woke Warriors. They claimed to be fighting for social justice and equality for everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. Tommy listened carefully as the leader of the group, a woman named Ms. Smith, spoke passionately about their cause.

“Being woke means being aware of the injustices in our society and taking action to make things right,” Ms. Smith proclaimed. “We fight against discrimination, inequality, and prejudice in all its forms. Join us, and together, we can create a better world for everyone!”

Tommy was intrigued by Ms. Smith’s words and decided to join the Woke Warriors. He was excited to be part of a movement that fought for what he believed was right. He attended their meetings, participated in their protests, and even helped spread their message on social media.

But as time went on, Tommy began to notice some things that didn’t sit right with him. He saw that the Woke Warriors often attacked and bullied those who didn’t share their views. They labeled anyone who disagreed with them as “bigots” or “haters,” without even trying to understand their perspective. Tommy also noticed that some members of the group seemed more interested in seeking attention and gaining social media followers than actually making a positive change in the world.

One day, during a protest organized by the Woke Warriors, Tommy witnessed a disturbing incident. A peaceful counter-protester was expressing a different opinion, and instead of engaging in respectful dialogue, some members of the Woke Warriors started yelling and hurling insults. Tommy realized that this behavior went against everything he had been taught about kindness, empathy, and understanding.

Feeling conflicted, Tommy decided to speak to Ms. Smith about his concerns. But when he approached her, she brushed him off and accused him of being “ignorant” and “privileged” for daring to question the Woke Warriors’ methods. Tommy was hurt and confused. He had thought that the Woke Warriors were about inclusivity and respect for all, but now he wasn’t so sure.

One day, while Tommy was deep in thought, he heard a faint voice coming from a nearby grove of trees. He followed the sound and discovered a small, wise owl named Oliver. Oliver had seen Tommy’s inner turmoil and offered to be his guide.

“Tommy, my boy,” said Oliver in a soothing voice. “It seems like you’ve been caught up in a movement that has lost its way. Being ‘woke’ is not about tearing others down or silencing dissenting voices. It’s about being open-minded, respectful, and seeking genuine understanding. The true spirit of social justice is about building bridges, not burning them.”

Tommy nodded, realizing that Oliver was right. He had been swept up in the passion and excitement of the Woke Warriors, but he had lost sight of their original ideals. He thanked Oliver for his wisdom and set out to make things right.

Tommy decided to start his own movement, one that would embody the true spirit of Love which is belief in the creator not social justice. He called it “BIBLE STUDY” and invited others who shared his vision to join where we all learn the 10 commandments and how to treat others. We must follow the original meaning of “WOKE” prior to the anti-religion meaning that has disguised itself as good but morphed into attacking and bullying non followers of their version of “WOKE”. This is anything but what God teaches in his Bible

Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Being “WOKE” in the bible means being awake to God’s rules his commandments to us his people, his children. As our creator he does want us to love each other as he as loved us. He does want us to be nice, kind and genuine withing the confines of his commandments and Bible not outside of it. Therefore some behaviors are not considered good in our creators eyes, and he has given us instructions on this matters.  We are not to use anger and evil to convince but peace, love and his words of his bible to guide our lost sheep.

God rejoices for the 1 lost sheep that finds it way back to the flock. He rejoices at the 1 that returns, for the one that has left and returned knows a different travel than those that never left. The one that returns knows of the true evil’s and dangers out there and returns back where he remembers true love, comfort and safety.  Those that never left although loyal to safety did not have to fight the temptations and dangers for they were in the comfort of their shepherd the entire time. To return after leaving is an example of wisdom that was obtained and a righteous choice has been made to turn away from traveling without directions and accepting the discipline and guidance as a form of TRUE LOVE!