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P22 – Hollywood mountain lion: Sending our love in the hope that he can make a recovery

P22 is currently being cared for at a top facility in California following his capture on Monday. He had to be taken in by the wildlife biologists as his behaviour has changed.

The medical prognosis isn’t good. He is underweight. And he has once again contracted mange which likely means he has been exposed to anticoagulant rodenticides (rat poisons) passed up the food chain in the prey he eats. He has cuts on his face and an eye injury which suggests he may have been hit by a car.

What the biologists are adamant at the moment that P22 is NOT going to be euthanised and may spend the rest of his life in care. Save LA Cougars have also offered to pay his medical bills. Further tests are to be done, including a scan to assess his facial trauma.

P22 is a wild animal, and despite our affection for him, we should not anthropomorphise him. Yet he is an extraordinary wild animal, crossing two freeways in search of a new home and has made a living in the second densest city in America and has stolen the hearts and minds of millions of Angelenos as well as having legions of fans around the world.

“Everybody understands … the importance of this animal to the community and to California. And so if that kind of decision has to be made, I just want everybody to understand that it’s not something that’s taken lightly. It’s very deeply thought about. And if something like that does happen, we recognize the sadness of it,” said CDFW Deputy Communications Director Jordan Traverso. source

For now please pray for P22.

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